Unpublished marriage proposal in Brașov / Photo source: Facebook capture

An unprecedented marriage proposal took place at one of the terraces in Sfatului Square, Brașov.

An unprecedented marriage proposal took place yesterday at one of the terraces in Sfatului Square. A man planned an unforgettable moment for his girlfriend. The images soon went viral on the Internet.

The man prepared an original choreography and several of his friends displayed a message with the marriage proposal on the balcony of the Cupt’or Restaurant terrace. After the young man took courage, he posed the big question into a microphone. The young woman, excited, accepted to everyone’s cheers and applause.

The whole scene was captured by witnesses of the event and were subsequently published on a social network. The images soon went viral on the Internet, according to BizBrașov.

Andreea Marin, secret wedding? The first reaction after she was caught in a white dress: It’s true …

Andreea Marin and Adrian Brâncoveanu form one of the strongest, but also one of the most discreet couples in Romanian showbiz.

Even though they have been together for a long time, people are still wondering if the two will get married, and each photo of the “fairy of surprises” launches a wave of questions and rumors.

Recently, Andreea Marin wore a white dress, which is why many wondered if the two were secretly married.

Andreea Marin, about the white dress. Secret wedding?

In an interview for Antena Stars, Andreea Marin revealed why she actually wore the white dress she photographed on her social media account.

According to the star, the outfit was not specific to a wedding, as it was speculated, but to mark a new innovative project that she started.

“It’s true that it’s a white dress that I wore among other dresses, but it’s not about a wedding or its preparation, but it’s about an innovative, revolutionary project, which was filmed and made yesterday in my new place. work, are beautiful pictures, very beautiful. The photos are very beautiful, many in modern poses, others in vintage poses, it is a concept that will bring to light an innovation and soon you will find out why this invocation stores memories of a lifetime “, said Andreea Marin, at Antena Stars .

Regarding the family life with Adrian Brâncoveanu, as well as about the idea of ​​becoming a mother for the second time, Andreea Marin said that she does not exclude any of the above ideas (read more HERE).

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