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“New” FC Brașov broke the ice of victories in League 2, beating Unirea Dej with the score of 1-0, thanks to the successful penalty from captain Horia Popa, in the 84th minute. Thus, the team accumulated 6 points in the standings, and coach Ilie Stan continues to stand on the technical bench, despite the fact that his students’ game did not shine even today.

“The important thing is that we managed this victory, we needed it. Moreover, the success came after a good evolution, in front of a team with positive results lately. I knew we were going to have a hard time. Congratulations to the players, they showed attitude. It is very difficult to build, I started this project hard. Even if I won 1-0 from the penalty spot, I had a few more chances, I could have scored from the 2nd minute. I don’t want to talk about refereeing, but I think I had two more shots from 11 meters. Until the match with Selimbar in over two weeks, we will also have a training camp. We’re about 20% of what I want. And I would like to go through kindergarten and go straight to college, it’s very difficult. There is also pressure, which the players also felt, but I think that along the way they will be much more responsible and motivated. I have great confidence in them, it remains to show on the field what we work on in training. Only I know how I got through these days after the match with SR. I breathe and when I lose I’m sorry. A project is done in time. It is difficult to bring players from all over the country and after 3 stages to play fantastic football. We have to be patient, those who are next to us to support us and in a short time Brasov will be so much better “, Ilie Stan declared at the end.

In the 5th round of League 2, the following matches have been played: Poli Timișoara – Poli Iași 0-1; FC Brașov – Unirea Dej 1-0; FC Buzău – Unirea Constanța 14-0; Astra Giurgiu – Unirea Slobozia 1-1; Șelimbăr – Dunărea Călărași 1-0; University of Cluj – Metaloglobus 2-1; Petrolul Ploiești – Dacia Unirea Brăila 4-0.

Final whistle.

Astra Giurgiu equalized, 1-1, in the match with Unirea Slobozia, and Buzăul has 13-0 in the dispute with Unirea Constanța.

Minute 84. Horia Popa scored for FC Brașov from 11 meters (1-0), after Dumbravă was fouled in the box by Rus, who received the red card. President Ioan Mărginean rejoiced like a child after this success.

Minute 83. Vlad Mihalcea replaced Roșu with the hosts.

Minute 78. FC Brașov could open the score. Cheleș shot from 6 meters, but an opposing defender rejected the ball from the goal line.

Minute 74. Iurcu shot, from 16 meters, nonsense. The match “died” again …

Minute 65. He seems to be playing more alert. The pace of the confrontation increased.

Buzău is 10-0 in front of Constanța. Otherwise, in the matches now played in League 2, the scores are in the 60th minute: FC Brașov – Unirea Dej 0-0; Astra Giurgiu – Unirea Slobozia 0-1; Șelimbăr – Dunărea Călărași 0-0.

Minute 58. Two changes also at FC Brașov: Negrean and Cheleș entered, Ciopo and Codrea left.

Minute 57. Leonte shot from 20 meters, rejected the goalkeeper of Dej.

Minute 55. Yellow card for Red. Otherwise, nothing remarkable. Fad match.

Minute 48. FC’s opportunity – Iurcu’s shot, from the edge of the box, near the goal.

The second half has started!

Dejul made two changes at the break, at FC Brașov none occurred.

FC Buzău – Unirea Constanța, 9-0 at the break!

It’s a break, nothing at all!

The lip scores. It is 7-0 at the moment, in the dispute with Unirea Constanța.

Minute 39. Semi-opportunity on behalf of Brașov. Roșu took his head in the middle of the box, but the ball went wide. Still poor game.

He scored in the matches Astra – Unirea Slobozia, 0-1 and FC Buzău – Unirea Constanța, 5-0, which is played from the same hour with FC Brașov – Unirea Dej. The first final result of this round: Poli Timișoara – Poli Iași, 0-1.

Sebastian Bădulescu, the local PNL councilor – member of the Steering Committee of FC Brașov, was also seen at the Official. Mayor Coliban did not come to see his “creation” evolve.

Minute 30. Very weak game on both sides, many wrong passes, still – no opportunity.

Minute 20. Nothing special! The game has decreased in intensity, it is played more in the middle of the field, without goal situations.

Minute 10. The match is balanced. Dejul just fired the first shot on goal, retained without problems by Gârniță.

The soundtrack is dominated by Dej’s enthusiastic gallery.

Minute 2. Codrea misses a great opportunity for the hosts. He shot from 5 meters, the ball hitting the bar.

The match has begun

– There are 50-60 spectators in the stands, of which about 10 come from Dej. Romeo Pascu appeared at the match. Mayor Allen Coliban, on the other hand, has not arrived yet.

FC Brașov plays in the following formula: Gârniță – M. Burlacu, Gherghe, Al. Sabău, Dumbravă, Leonte, I. Roșu, Ciopo, H. Popa (captain), Iurcu, M. Codrea.
Reserves are: Mutu – Vasiu, Lascu, Mihalcea, Cheles, Panait, Sburlea, Negrean, Anton. Coach: Ilie Stan

Unirea Dej has “11” them: Răilean – Al. Rus, Kereki, Roș, Burdeț, M. Manole, Cătinean (captain), Al. Military, Ad. Pop, Al. Pop, Cocian. Reservations: Papp, Cl. Chindriș – Al. Blaj, Al. Papp, Vl. Bogdan, Meszaros, Pop, Chira, Frăsineanu
Coach: Dragoș Militaru


Today, from 11.00, on the “Tineretului” Stadium, FC Brașov faces Unirea Dej in the 5th stage of League 2 in football.

The hosts, coached by Ilie Stan, are on the 14th place in the ranking, with 3 points, while the Dejians are on the 11th position, with 5 points. The leader is Concordia Chiajna, the only team with a maximum score – 12 p.

The match is refereed at the center by Eduard Ioniță from Galaţi, Ionuț Neacșu and Roxana Ivanov from Bucharest are in touch.

Observers were appointed: Zoltan Tamas (Odorheiu Secuiesc) and Mihai Prunariu (Tg. Jiu).

Come back!

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