Small and Medium Enterprises in the European Union with activity in the circular economy sector will be supported to participate in public procurement in the Republic of Moldova, for environmental projects that require innovative solutions. In this regard, in Chisinau, today was launched the project “Supporting SMEs in the EU circular economy sector to participate in the public procurement system of Eastern Partnership countries – P2GreenEST”, implemented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

The aim of the project is to ensure and improve the access of innovative European companies active in the field of water management, waste management, energy efficiency, to the public procurement process in our country by encouraging sustainable partnerships between SMEs, by providing advice and by supporting companies. in the field of circular economy in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

During the launch event of the project, the Minister of Environment, Iuliana Cantaragiu, spoke about the importance of the circular economy in sustainable development.

“The circular economy is a new model of economy, which must be introduced on the market, because the linear model of economic development, which we currently have and which consists in extracting natural resources, use for production and sales, then consume and dispose of at the landfill, it is a destructive and not at all sustainable model. We must be aware that everything around us is produced from natural resources or with the help of natural resources, and stocks of non-renewable resources are exhaustible. They are depleted at the rate of increasing consumption and population of the planet. Thus, we endanger the existence of future generations. In the fields of water management and waste management, the circular economy means the reuse of water in production processes, the recovery of waste and the return to the circuit. In this context, from next year we will start the construction of the primary infrastructure to create the necessary logistics for waste collection, transport and sorting at national level, according to the 8 Waste Management Regions, and from the private economic agents it is necessary to develop the recycling market. Thus, we hope that the P2GreenEST project will strengthen the capacities of the economic agents, to help them to progress in their activity by implementing the circular economy model ”, Iuliana Cantaragiu underlined.

During the conference there was an introductory presentation of the public procurement framework in the field of circular economy in the Republic of Moldova, the P2GreenEST project, including environmental programs and projects that require the application of innovative solutions from the private sector.

The project launch conference was attended by project partners from Éa éco-enterprises, France, Green Energy Cluster, Romania, Asturian Federation of Enterprises, Spain, CCI of the Republic of Moldova, ODDIM, EU4Environment, Public Procurement Agency, strategic partners, central authorities and locals, guests from Ukraine, etc. The event took place in hybrid format, combining on-site participation and remote participation.

Note: The project “Supporting SMEs in the EU circular economy sector to participate in the public procurement system of the Eastern Partnership countries – P2GreenEST”, is part of the European Union’s COSME program (COS-PROUT-2020-2-03 “Supporting European enterprises for participation in public procurement in non-EU countries ”) and is implemented by the CCI of the Republic of Moldova jointly with partners from France, Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Armenia between July 1, 2021 – December 31, 2023.

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