France’s far-right populist leader Marine Le Pen has harshly criticized the European Union’s “ideological brutality” in a gesture in support of Hungarian ultra-conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban, whom he met in Budapest on Tuesday. Le Pen denounced the “invasion of migrants” that the community bloc “wants to organize” but also the “threats of rare violence” against Hungary: “The European Union is well aware that it is playing its last card,” she said.

“Hungary in 2021, under your leadership, is once again at the forefront of the struggle for the freedom of the peoples,” Marine Le Pen, France’s presidential candidate in next year’s elections, told a joint news conference with the Hungarian prime minister. according to Agerpres.

“This October, the moment as well as the circumstances can only inspire an emotional thought for the heroes of the 1956 uprising,” she said, referring to the revolt against the communist regime at the time supported by the Soviet Union.

Marine Le Pen supports Orban in the election

Welcoming the Hungarian Prime Minister’s “courage” and “determination”, Marine Le Pen made a “commitment” to be elected head of state next year, “to offer the support of France and its people to reorient a A European Union whose ideological brutality threatens the very idea of ​​sovereignty. “

Marine Le Pen declined to criticize the recent Hungarian anti-LGBT + law, which is at the center of a legal dispute between Budapest and Brussels: “As I am fundamentally attached to the idea of ​​the sovereignty of each nation, I would not mind coming to a a lesson to the Hungarian people, “she said.

The candidate of the National Assembly (RN, former National Front) criticized a “centralized Brussels power, intoxicated by its own existence, its power, its omnipotence”, denouncing a “will to enslave” the European Union and also rejected any principle of the primacy of European law.

“This principle could only be imposed through maneuvers,” and the Polish courts are fully justified in asserting their right to establish and enforce the founding rules of their national pact, their social pact and even their pact. on society, “said Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen: “EU knows full well it’s playing its last card”

According to her, “threats with sanctions and a fortiori exclusion, which are of rare violence against Hungary or Poland, are proof of the stakes of the opening debate”, because “the European Union is well aware that it is playing its last card”.

Reiterating its commitment “to reform the French Constitution through a referendum to enshrine the principle of its superiority, Marine Le Pen stressed that it will also include” the complete regulation of immigration, a scourge that our nations must defend themselves against. imperative”.

On this subject, she denounced the “invasion of migrants that the European Union wants to organize” and whose “disastrous effects” are being felt “at the level of identity, financial and territorial”, notes AFP.

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