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FC Brașov could not beat Steaua on the “Tineretului” Stadium, the “red-blues” winning 1-0 through the goal given by Chipirliu in the 56th minute. Its game attack is more random without horizon. With 9 points, FC Brașov has remained, for the time being, on the 13th place in League 2, but it could still go down and the coach Ilie Stan lives, again, dangerously, under the specter of dismissal.

At the end of the meeting, Ilie Stan stated: “The only upset is that I scored on a multiple mistake in defense. I noticed the dedication of the players, many without experience at the level of League 2. I think we deserved a draw against Steaua. What to do, move on, work, it takes time, we started training late – you know how and when the documents came out. I’m not afraid of dismissal, the project is one for 3 years. Megem from close to close “.


90 + 5 minutes. Leonte requested an 11 meter, but the referee, unyielding, whistled the end of the confrontation.

90 + 5 minutes. Free kick for FC Brașov, from 18 meters, right side, rejected by Steaua.

90 + 4 minutes. The stick also saw the yellow card.

90 + 1 minute. Oroian could have increased the lead, but his shot was blocked.

Minute 88. Sabău’s “bomb” from 20 meters away, Bălbărău rejected.

Minute 87. Enceanu from Brașov also entered Steaua, instead of Chipirliu.

Minute 86. Mihăescu was warned after fouling Negrean.

Minute 83. El-Azzouzi replaced Roșu, and Codrea, Iurcu, the hosts.

Minute 79. Burlacu’s incursion, ended with a shot executed by Roșu, blocked.

Minute 76. The first yellow card is awarded to Gherghe, from FC Brașov. And Steaua made two changes, one of them targeting Adi Popa.

FC Brașov starts to press.

Minute 73. Mitroi and Negrean came on for the hosts.

Minute 71. Sabău shot for “flags”, following a corner executed by Roşu, but Chipirliu rejected. Vlad Mihalcea also had a semi-opportunity.

Galeria Steaua sings, and Ilie Stan is a thinker, because his band fails to create danger in attack.

Minute 61. Oroian replaced Donose, who made his “military” shirt at the age of 18.

Now, the people of Brasov are forced to attack, hoping for a draw.

Minute 56. Steaua scored, through Chipirliu, 1-0! Huiban passed ideally in front of the gate.

The star started the second half in force.

Minute 53. Reflection of Gârniţă, who saved the goal on Huiban’s shot, after he also cleared wrong.

Minute 52. Change at FC Braşov, Vlad Mihalcea replaced Horia Popa.

Minute 50. Adi Popa, from a free kick, a short corner – in fact, he sent in front of the goal, but Dumbravă saved the situation for Braşov, rejecting the ball in the corner.

The second part has begun.

Pause, the score is 0-0 after a pleasant first half.

Minute 42. Strong shot, from a distance, by Vasile, over the Bucharest goal.

Minute 36. Adi Popa managed a vault from 16 meters, after a stuttering exit of Gârniță in the box, but the goalkeeper from Brașov caught in the end.

Minute 34. Călințaru, shot from 10 meters, like in rugby …

Minute 33. Adi Popa, shot a little from the goal in the corner of the small box.

Minute 32. Gârniță rejected the ball, in extremis, after a well-placed header, given by Pacionel.

30 minutes, 0-0.

Minute 27. Again, Roșu shot by surprise, with the ground, Bălbărău rejecting with some chance.

Minute 25. The same Red shot from the edge of the box, the ball, also touched by Wallace, was retained by the goalkeeper of Steaua, without emotions.

Minute 23. Free kick for FC Brașov, from 18 meters. Red executed over the goal.

Minute 20. The hosts don’t show much offensive force. The game is cleared by the referee, to the despair of Ilie Stan.

However, compared to other matches, FC Brașov is much better on the defensive, without personal mistakes so far.

The dispute was more balanced.

Minute 10. The Bucharest team dominates. No special occasions so far.

The star took control of the match.

The referee whistles for the start of the match.

The Steaua gallery is located on the lawn from Codreanu Bus Station. In total, there are about 800 to 900 spectators.

FC Brașov (yellow-black) are the following composition: Gârniță – M. Burlacu, Gherghe, Al. Sabău, Dumbravă, Leonte, C. Vasile, H. Popa (cpt.), Iorga, I. Roșu – Iurcu. The list of reserves includes: Mutu – Vasiu, Sburlea, Lascu, Mitroi, Negrean, Vl. Mihalcea, Codrea, El-Azzouzi. Coach: Ilie Stan.

Although he has been signing for a day, Adrian Popa is a starter at CSA Steaua (red-blue).

Here is the “military” team: Bălbărău – Călințaru, Walace, Beța, Ad. Ilie, V. Bărbulescu (cpt.), Pacionel, Donose, Ad. Popa, Huiban, Chipirliu. Reservations are: Iancu – Al. Zaharia, Morariu, Mihăescu, Băjenaru, Oroian, Răsdan, Gherghiceanu, Enceanu. Coach: Daniel Oprița.


Today, from 17.00, on the “Tineretului” Stadium, FC Brașov will face CSA Steaua București in the 8th round of League 2 in football.

For this match, CCA delegated the following brigade of referees: Rareș Vidican – Ioan Corb (both from Satu Mare), Răzvan Soponar (Baia Mare). Observers are Cristian Anghelina (Câmpulung Muscel) and Petre Badea (Tulcea).

The guests announced that about 400 fans will come to Brașov to encourage their favorites, so that the police took all the necessary measures to make the sporting event run smoothly.

At FC Brașov, where a defensive midfielder from The Gambia came to the tests, coach Ilie Stan admitted that a difficult match awaits him: “We need points, and Steaua sells after two stages in which it did not win. We need time, we have young players who do not have the experience of the second echelon “.

It remains to be seen whether the former international Adrian Popa will also play at CSA (photo 2), former also at FCSB, Reading or Al-Taawon (Saudi Arabia), who has just signed with the “military”. At the presentation, the nicknamed “Motoreta” reported that CSA Steaua deserves and must play in the first echelon of Romanian football.

Petrolul Ploiești, with 18 points, is the leader in League 2, after 7 stages. CSA Steaua occupies the 5th position, with 14 points, and FC Brașov is on the 13th place, with 9 points, out of 20 fighters.

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