Răzvan Theodorescu, vice-president of the Romanian Academy, spoke in the show “InSecurity” about the “powder keg” in the Balkan region, a subject that he confesses that he has been studying and deepening for a lifetime.

Bogdan Nicolae’s guest claims that, in this world in a continuous change and development, accommodation remains the most important and handy solution.

So can China be taken off the market in the Balkans? What is the apple of discord in the Balkans? What is the nature of unresolved issues in the region? Are the Balkans a kind of Afghanistan for the EU? Are the Balkans “the great pain of Europe”?

Răzvan Theodorescu: “You have to be a congenital idiot to imagine that you can take Chinese companies off the market”

“You can’t take China out, you have to be a congenital idiot to imagine that you can take Chinese companies off the market. This can not be! China’s strength at the moment is such that you can’t get it out. You have to get used to it. And the Americans believe that they are the first to get used to the other big partner “, says Bogdan Nicolae’s interlocutor.

Răzvan Theodorescu: “You have to look a little at what Russia is doing and what Turkey is doing!

“We are on the edge of the EU, this is a great, great opportunity because we are in touch with the Pacific world. Like it or not, Russia is a great country and it is our neighbor. (…) You also have to look at what Russia and Turkey are doing and not be in a hurry to respond to commands that come from afar in terms of your attitudes. I want to be very honest: you don’t have to be so stupid! ”

Răzvan Theodorescu: “The Balkans have remained the great pain of Europe”

“I am the Secretary General of the International Association for South East European Studies and I am delighted to be a member of the Albanian Academy and the Macedonian Academy. So somehow I’m at home. Yes, it is very well said by you the unrest in the Balkans. There is a French publicist between the two wars who said: Oh, these Balkans that are the great pain of Europe. They have remained the great pain of Europe and this for some reasons that the West does not always understand, for example. Three empires played here: Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Russia. These three empires, which are now republics, continue to play their part in this. ”

Răzvan Theodorescu: “In my opinion, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the one hand, and Kosovo, on the other, remain black holes”

What does orthodoxy hide in the Balkans? What is Islam hiding in the Balkans? What interest do the great powers have in the Balkans? What is the prospect of reintegrating the Balkans?

“(…) Well, fortunately, the situation in the Western Balkans does not have the savagery of Afghanistan. You know what I mean. But, I’m afraid that, at some point, it will be said 20 years in vain, money was put in, it was tried, it was not successful. Historically, you cannot leave this space of ruin, nor can you because it is surrounded by the NATO and EU state. In the two painful areas – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, they must be constantly monitored. Sure, with diplomacy. Economically, the EU has done its duty, but militarily this must continue. ”

Răzvan Theodorescu: “You can’t do many things in the Islamic world of Bosnia and Herzegovina without having a partnership with Turkey”

“There must also be a special partnership with the two countries of imperial tradition that are not in the EU – Russia and Turkey – which have their eyes on this space, which have a special influence on this space. You can’t do much in the Islamic world of Bosnia and Herzegovina without a partnership with Turkey. In the very bold little Republic of Montenegro, which was the first I think in the area to adopt a national currency that is the euro, without looking a little at Russia. ”

Răzvan Theodorescu: “Remember, historically, we are now witnessing the rise of another world”

“Historically, even if these countries are integrated into the EU, they will remain painful points. Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as long as the EU exists. Because something else could happen: for some states in this area, including Central Europe, to leave the EU. Don’t forget that historically, we are now witnessing the rise of another world “, concludes Răzvan Theorescu, vice-president of the Romanian Academy.

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