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According to him, Gelu Tofan was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, inoperable and with chances of success of conventional treatment to zero.

Gelu Tofan was born in 1960, in Todireni, Botoșani County.

Danubiana, the tire business through which Tofan conquered the country economically, was part of the Tofan Group. Its group was, in 2000, the largest independent tire manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe. A year later, it sold the second tire factory and a retreading company to the French Michelin group, following a transaction estimated at that time at 100 million dollars.

Within a few years, the Tofan empire, with a net turnover of about $ 600 million and about 16,000 employees, collapsed. The businessman reported several times that his business was sabotaged, even “stolen” by interest groups and some of the people close to him, who allegedly betrayed him.

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