The period of coronavirus recovery has also ended in France, the epidemic registering a small autumn relaunch, which does not frighten doctors or governors yet, but causes the latter to remain uncompromising about maintaining the health permit, reports AFP .

“We are witnessing an upward trend” in the number of cases related to COVID-19, Health Minister Olivier Veran summed up on a television station on Friday, assuring that it is only a “small outbreak, not an epidemic wave”.

After the coronavirus epidemic had reached a particularly low level in France since the end of August, especially amid the success of the vaccination campaign, this decline has now come to an end: “After eight consecutive weeks of decline, the incidence rate has risen.” Nicolas Methy, one of France’s public health officials, said in a press conference on Friday.

This increase is not surprising, as the drop in temperatures causes people to stay indoors and close the windows, which increases the risk of contamination, notes AFP.

“With the vaccine, there can be a resumption of the circulation of the virus without necessarily being accompanied by a resumption of hospitalizations or at a level that strains health systems,” Arnaud Fontanet, an epidemiologist at the Pasteur Institute and a member of the Scientific Council, told AFP. guides the French government through the pandemic.

He concluded that it was essential that the French continue to be encouraged to get vaccinated as much as possible. About three-quarters of them are currently vaccinated, according to AFP.

France Presse also notes that the situation in France still contrasts with that in other European countries, where the epidemic is recovering, especially in the east, where vaccination is less advanced, but also in the United Kingdom, which this summer has raised almost all restrictions.

Another virology specialist at the Pasteur Institute, Jean Claude Manuguerra, told AFP that “barriers and precautions such as the health permit should not be completely lifted yet,” and the French government is following the same line, not hiding that it is very unlikely to happen. renounces in the near future the obligation to present this permit granted to vaccinated or negatively tested persons in order to have access to different places, such as restaurants and cinemas, according to

“This is not the time to give up protection when we see that the virus is not falling,” warned Olivier Veran, as French lawmakers paved the way for a health permit extension beyond the deadline originally set for mid-November.

The French minister also opined that it is not “illogical” to condition the permit with a booster dose.

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