There is an investigation at ISU Braşov, after the locals received a Ro-Alert message at least … unhappy. The text begins with the exclamation: Bear, boy! A formulation that shows contempt, say those who come face to face with fierce animals and live with the fear that they can fall victim to bears at any time.

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Yeah, the bear. It is a challenge to send such a message.

It’s not an innocent joke between two friends, it’s a Ro-Alert message. At least inappropriate expression, given that people in the area are being terrorized by bears.

Tatiana Nica: She is defiant of us. There is no such grotesque way to address yourself.

And that’s what Tatiana knows best. His meeting with a bear led to the sending of the unfortunate text. He had just arrived home, but he didn’t even manage to open the door because he came face to face with the animal.

Tatiana Nica: Terrifying was the moment she looked at me. I felt the vibration of a wild animal. It paralyzed me. I never knew about myself.

In shock, he called his neighbors for help.

Tatiana Nica: They shouted at the bear, they went out the window. We are in real danger. We can be the victims of these bears at any time.

People in the area no longer have the heart to taste the jokes of Ro-Alert operators

A joke and a cool situation.

It was amazing to see the Bear on the phone, boy. In the context in which he was next to you.

I was too shocked to hear the message with the Bear, man. I was in the car, I called 112. The bears were here.

Bears seem to be selective, they never come before the authorities.

Sorin Toarcea, Brașov City Hall: Until now, we have not had to reassure a bear. Most bears leave the property until the gendarmerie arrives.

Meanwhile, ISU Brașov is investigating the messy message

Ciprian Sfreja, ISU Brașov: By mistake, the person from the dispatching office who sent the message added the words: Bear, boy! We apologize for the mistake.

Brasov and Covasna counties are most affected by the phenomenon of bears that come down dangerously close to people, enter households and often attack residents.

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