Victor Negrescu demands the intervention of the European Union in Romania in order to manage the medical crisis

“The pandemic is not over. There are still many Member States facing problems in managing the health crisis. That is why this issue must be high on the European Council’s agenda. In Romania, due to the incompetence of right-wing parties, today we have over 500 deaths a day. One person dies every 2 minutes, and this risks bringing the whole of Europe back to the red zone. The European Union must intervene. He can’t leave things to chance, especially since the Romanian executive missed both the vaccination campaign and the purchase of tests with European money “, said in the plenary of the European Parliament the PSD MEP Victor Negrescu.

The Romanian MEP called for a decision in the European Council on the energy price crisis and a wider involvement in managing the negative effects generated by the pandemic.

“The negative effects of the pandemic on the economy and society are just beginning. The council needs to be more active in reacting. It is also true of the energy price crisis. Profits are rising and the European population is getting poorer. Beyond the cynicism of some political leaders, there is a need for active measures and European actions to provide solutions to the challenges and difficulties faced by citizens. I expect the next European Council to come up with clear solutions and decisions. Indecision costs lives “, added the Social Democrat MEP Victor Negrescu.

The Strategic Communication Group announced on Thursday that in the last 24 hours, 16,110 new cases of Covid and 448 deaths in patients confirmed with the new coronavirus were registered in Romania.

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