The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, denounced on Thursday, in a letter sent to the leaders participating in the summit of the European Council, the attitude of Poland, pointing that the European Union has never been so strongly challenged.

David Sassoli is not present at the European Union summit for health reasons, but he sent a letter accusing Poland of challenging the legal basis of the European Union, referring to the decision of the Constitutional Court in Warsaw, which found incompatibilities with the Community Treaties, reyearsează Mediafax.

It is not the first time and, definitely, it will not be the last time that the legal basis of the European Union happens to be challenged. But it has never happened before that the European Union is so radically challenged, a SAPS David Sassoli in his letter to the participants in the European Council meeting, reyearsease

European leaders must have a direct and open discussion on the direction of the European Union, stressed David Sassoli.

The situation in Poland will be discussed informally at the Brussels summit. The European Union has already warned that it will react the farm at the decision of the Constitutional Court in Warsaw.

The Polish Constitutional Court recently ruled that some articles of the European Union’s treaties are incompatible with Polish constitutional law, affecting the country’s sovereignty.

European bodies act by exceeding competences, argued Julia Przylebska, president of the Polish Constitutional Court. Przylebska listed a number of articles in the EU Treaties that, according to Warsaw Constitutional Court judges, are in conflict with Poland’s Basic Law.

In fact, the Constitutional Court, the highest court in Poland, denounced it interference by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Polish judicial system.

Amid criticism, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has given assurances that Poland is a loyal member within the European Union, but stressing that it opposes excessive centralization of power.

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