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Road transport of goods is no longer advantageous with the rise in natural gas prices. Water transport seems to be the best solution for our country, which has access to the Danube and the Black Sea.

,, The Danube is able to accommodate convoys of 6 barges of 3 thousand, which means 18 thousand tons of cargo at a time and let’s translate, out of curiosity, what it means 18 thousand tons on the railway or on the road. It means a blockade ”, stated Mihai Daraban, the president of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Currently, freight transport to Eastern Europe is done by detour, so a lot of time and, implicitly, money is lost.

“A significant difference of seven and a half days, which matters a lot in this context of consumption of hydrocarbons, fuel,” said the president of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Experts believe that these measures would also encourage exports. This could save the Romanian economy kneeling from the pandemic.

“One of the priorities was to find ways to ensure the maintenance and, as far as possible, the development of the capacity to streamline transport in the Black Sea area,” said Lazăr Comănescu, Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation. at the Black Sea.

The representatives of the European Union are already interested in collaborating with our country. However, the authorities still have a lot of work to do until the Danube becomes an important transit route for goods from all over the world.

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