Specialists from the National Meteorological Administration issued a new forecast. Meteorologists show that the cold is returning to Romania. What temperatures are waiting for us starting Saturday?

ANM weather forecast: low temperatures in Romania

The specialists come with new details about the weather for the next period. So far we have enjoyed warmer moments than normal. If so far we have escaped the cold weather and rain waves, the good weather will not last long unfortunately for those who love long walks outdoors.

Meteorologists have indicated that the bad weather has made its presence felt on Saturday. Temperatures will drop considerably, and the probability of rains will be higher at first in the regions of the north-west, then gradually expanding in the other regions as well.

Even today we enjoy warm weather where in most areas of the territory we have temperatures between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius, with the highest values ​​in the sub-Carpathian hills of Moldova.

The minimums fall until the return of the cold between 3 and 12 degrees Celsius, lower in the depressions of the Eastern Carpathians up to around 0 degrees Celsius. However, the beginning of the weekend is the one that indicates the coming of the cold season in force.

It is expected to be quite severe this winter. Meteorologists announce cold and snow in January-February. Storms, winds in western and south-western Europe are expected in Europe. The strongest storms will occur in southern France, Spain or Portugal this winter.

What did the specialists say about the weather this week?

“Next week, especially in the second half, the temperature values ​​characterize a beautiful and warmer weather. Nationwide, temperatures will range from 17 to 20, even 22 degrees Celsius in the West-South West. In the Capital we will also have 21 degrees Celsius.

We are talking about a gap of maximum values ​​of 11 to 16-17 degrees Celsius, and in the first days of the week between 12 and 17 degrees Celsius. The rains will be restricted, both in terms of area and in terms of quantities.

There will be light rains in the mountain area, but also in the south, southeast, the center of the country. We have to take into account that the nights remain cold, at most 0 to 7 degrees “, Elena Mateescu declared on Antena 3, for the forecast for the week still in progress.

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