The largest Lithuanian news portals announced on Wednesday that they are stopping public comments on their Covid-19 articles to combat the wave of conspiracy theories promoted by anti-vaccinists, writes AFP.

“We show solidarity with the state and society in the joint effort to neutralize the misinformation spread by anti-vaccinists,” Arnas Marcinkus, president of the Lithuanian Online Press Association, told AFP.

“The success of the vaccination campaign must be our common cause, without excluding the government or the media. We all need solutions to get out of the pandemic,” he added.

About 71% of adults in this country, with 2.8 million people, have been completely vaccinated against Covid-19, a higher rate than many neighboring countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

But cases of contamination have increased in recent days.

In October, the Lithuanian parliament approved a 100-euro bonus for people over the age of 70 who get vaccinated.

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