With the thought that in the middle of the week they will be alone on the slope, thousands of people went to the mountains to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

This is how in Poiana Brașov the gondola queue started from the street, a situation not encountered in a working day.

Just an hour before the facilities closed, people were lined up for hundreds of meters on board.

Tourists admit they were wrong when they took time off during the week, believing they would find the resort empty.

Man: “I said that we had been coming for a few days during the week so that there would be no people, but we had a big surprise, full of everything. I stood in line for about 25 minutes, which I understood is not much, I understood that it is much longer. It’s a fairytale landscape, very beautiful! ”
Reporter: “But do you expect it to be so crowded?”
Tourist: “No, no, no. We only came for today. To be freer. “

The extended stay in line for boarding the cable car, ski lift or gondola automatically meant less time on the slope.

Reporter: “About how long did you stand in line, how long did you stay on the track?”
Child: “For the cable car I stood in line for about an hour and for the gondola for 20 minutes. And down, about 10, 15 minutes ”.

Mountain rescuers say the huge number of tourists was reflected in a large number of accidents. Most were caused by the fact that some beginners tend to go higher in advanced areas. And they sometimes descend at high speed on the slopes of those who are just learning to ski.

Cătălin Petrescu, Brașov Mountain Rescue Service: “Very big differences in speed are being created, differences that can only create collisions and injuries. It’s like in the case of traffic on the street, when the cars go at a certain speed and others go very fast “.

The administrators of the ski area expect the weekend to bring a new wave of tourists, especially since the slopes are all in perfect condition, and the weather is forecast to be beautiful.

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