Various documents of migrants have been found on the border between Belarus and Poland, suggesting that the migrants have been lured into travelling to Belarus under false promises.

Such documents suggest that they have reached the Belarus territory by tours announced from travel agencies in Belarus, while they ended up in closed borders and life-threatening situations for them, as reported by the Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang.

According to the report, the Polish government is right to close its border with Belarus, as the documents show that newly established travel agencies offer migrants to travel to Belarus, by also selling them false hopes on entering the European Union countries.

The package tours marketed to migrants cover both the actual trip and the necessary documents providing entry to Belarus, reports.

However, many of those who bought into such “group trips” noted that they only received a one-way ticket and an entry permit to Minsk, Belarus’ capital city.

But these trips are fatal for the migrants, as six people are reported to have been frozen to death while illegally staying in the territory. Moreover, the Baltic States and Poland are taking refugees in Belarusian opposition against President Alexander Lukashenko, whose regime has been called the last dictatorship in Europe.

Poland previously declared a state of emergency at the border and built a wire fence as well as deployed armed forces at the border with Belarus in a bid to hold the flood of migrants. Latvia and Lithuania followed suit by also implementing more precautionary measures at the border with Belarus.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Interior previously revealed that the proposal for a 508-kilometre-long wall across the border with Belarus had received the green light from the government. The physical barrier will be built in a bid to hold back the great flux of migrants being pushed from Belarus to enter the Baltic countries as well as Poland.

“A physical barrier is necessary for us to repel the hybrid attack carried out by the Belarusian regime against Lithuania and the entire EU,” the Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Šimonytė has noted.

As previously reported, this decision followed allegations that a group of more than 30 people from Afghanistan had been stuck in a village between Poland and Belarus, as the latter had deported them, whereas the Polish government refused to shelter them as this was considered to be a political game of Lukashenko. Moreover, in a bid to keep the situation under control, the Polish government deployed extra border control forces.

Previously, a total of 739 people attempted to cross the border between Poland and Belarus, recording the highest number of attempts to pass the border for a single day. In addition, nearly 16,000 people have attempted to illegally cross the border since August. The same source reveals that about 5,000 of those have been identified during October.

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