Patria Credit IFN, a member of the Patria Bank Group, an institution dedicated to microfinance of agricultural producers and small businesses in rural areas, joins the European Microfinance Network initiative this year and celebrates with other European institutions and partners the European Microfinance Day, informs a press release of the group.

This is even more important today when social exclusion in Romania has reached 35.8%, says Raluca Andreica, CEO of Patria Credit IFN.

This year’s anniversary day was symbolically chosen on October 15, based on Eurostat statistics, according to which 21.7% of the European Union’s population is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Thus, compared to the days of a calendar year, this means that around October 15 the “doors close” for those who want to build a better life, it is mentioned in the communiqué.

“In microfinance we make sustained efforts to move this limit more and more, year by year, so that no one is left behind. There is a lot of work in Romania, but we see change for the better from year to year , although the general statistics are worrying, we join in the celebration of Microfinance Day to help raise awareness of the need for an articulated strategy of social and financial inclusion, above the rural funding we have been doing for almost 20 years. , with good results and positive impact in the communities “, said the general manager of Patria Credit.

The anniversary slogan for 2021 reflects this goal – Keeping the doors open for all entrepreneurs – and the main objectives of this day remain unchanged from year to year: raising awareness among European citizens about the existence of microfinance and the potential its fight against unemployment and social exclusion; to draw the attention of the European media to how microfinance works and how it supports and helps the unemployed and European citizens excluded from the traditional financial sector.

It is also intended to encourage the exchange of experience in the European microfinance sector, providing visibility to the work of EMN and MFC members – Microfinance Center and local members, drawing attention to their achievements and mission. “It is known the constant concern of Patria Credit and Patria Bank in finding solutions for the development of rural communities by ensuring easy access to microfinance and promoting financial inclusion, especially since Romania far exceeds the European average and 35.8% of the population is exposed the risk of poverty or social exclusion “, the statement said.

According to the quoted source, Raluca Andreica, CEO of Patria Credit, has been appointed a member of the board of the European Microfinance Network, for the next 3 years. His appointment is an important recognition of the performance and determination of the entire Patria Credit and Patria Bank team to support and finance agricultural producers and small rural businesses, to contribute to the development of rural communities and social and financial inclusion. “

“The voice of the Romanian, Eastern European microfinance and of all the microfinance institutions members of EMN will be heard at the table of the European discussions for important decisions in microfinance”, say the representatives of the institution.

The company also announces the launch of a limited anniversary offer for existing and new customers: the loans requested and granted between October 18-22, 2021 will benefit from a zero grant commission.

Microfinance Day is a European initiative supported by the European Microfinance Network (EMN) and Microfinance Center (MFC) with the mission of promoting microfinance facilities as opportunities to encourage entrepreneurship in the fight against unemployment and social exclusion, according to

Patria Credit IFN SA is a non-banking financial institution (IFN) that mainly supports the efforts of entrepreneurs and private individuals, as well as their positive impact on rural communities. Specializing in financing farmers, Patria Credit is a member of the European Microfinance Network (EMN) and Microfinance Center (MFC) and the first non-bank financial institution dedicated to microfinance in Romania, with almost 20 years of experience and more than 15,000 financed clients.

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