EU member states agreed on Friday, October 15, at the first meeting of the Digital Europe Program Committee, the work program for the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) for the next three years, the Authority for Digitization of Romania.

At national level, following the evaluation carried out in 2020, 12 digital innovation centers from the 8 regions of the country have been selected to participate in the European competition to become members of the EDIH network. The first call is scheduled for November 2021, and if the applications meet the technical conditions, the financing contracts will be signed during 2022, according to

“The adoption of the work program is an essential step towards achieving the objectives included in the Digital Europe Program, setting a timetable for the activities and the necessary budget. The European Commission will provide EUR 321.2 million for the establishment of a European network of digital innovation centers, which to support the public sector and the private sector in the process of transition to a digital economy at the highest level More than 14 million euros will go to centers in Romania, given the major impact that digital innovation centers will have in accelerating the digital transition “It is important for the European network to be set up quickly so that digital innovation centers can start working and be able to provide useful services for companies and public institutions,” said Octavian Oprea, president of ADR.

The financial support offered through the Digital Europe Program for the digital innovation centers in Romania reaches a total of 14.5 million euros for the first 3 years. This funding can be complemented by the Intelligent Growth, Digitization and Financial Instruments Operational Program 2021 – 2027 (POCIDIF), which will be approved by the European Commission in the next period.

In addition, the European Commission has allocated 4 million euros for the creation of the Digital Transformation Accelerator, a structure that will support digital innovation centers by creating a space for training, collaboration and connection of relevant initiatives.

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