USR proposes in the government program the continuation of the debureaucratization of European funds and the rapid organization of the framework for the implementation of the National Resilience Plan.

Thus, it is envisaged to eliminate “dozens of files” and printed papers and electronic reporting, automate the processing of reimbursement requests from the MYSMIS application. robots), creation of a beneficiary library in the MYSMIS account by categories, MySMIS interoperability with other databases (SEAP, ONRC, Register of Associations and Foundations, MIA), automatic budget execution in MYSMIS on each project (with total budget amounts, the amounts spent and the amounts available on each budget line) and the extension of the simplified cost procedure to all operational programs.

USR reports that, according to the Implementation and Control Mechanism approved by the European Commission as an Annex to the PNRR in the next period, in order to ensure compliance with the targets for the fourth quarter of 2021, respectively to send the first payment request at the end of the second quarter from 2022 are emergencies (deadline November 15): adoption of national legislation and procedural framework for the implementation of PNRR (implementation mechanisms, financial flows, control and GD application rules, internal procedures for the Management and Control System, access guides,) creation the PNRR IT system, the operationalization of the PNRR coordination structure within MIPE – PNRR General Directorate – transfers, relocations, as well as the resumption of competitions interrupted at the beginning of September, the designation / creation of MIPE structures for the implementation of MIPE components.

The deadline for the implementation of the PNRR measures under the responsibility of MIPE is December 1, 2021.

Another measure in the field of European funds aims at programming the cohesion funds 2021-2027. In order to be included in a timetable to start the implementation of the operational programs for the period 2021-2027, it is urgent, according to the document, to complete the negotiations with the European Commission for: finalizing and submitting for approval the Operational Programs (deadline: December 15 for the Operational Program Social Dignity, Education and Employment Operational Program, Regional Operational Programs and Technical Assistance Operational Program, Transport Operational Program and March 1, 2022 for Sustainable Development Operational Program, Fair Transition Operational Program and Intelligent Growth, Digitization and Financial Instruments Operational Program); finalization and transmission of proposals for the 3 ITIs agreed with the European Commission COM (deadline: 15 December 2021) and fulfillment of the favorable conditions (deadline: 15 December 2021).

Emergencies are also considered the adoption of national legislation to regulate implementation mechanisms and financial flows, respectively legislation to control and recover ineligible expenditures (deadline: November 30, 2021), the adoption of legislation necessary to finalize the status of MAs of the 8 RDAs that will manage the Regional Operational Programs (deadline: December 15, 2021), complete the reorganization process of MIPE (including the resumption of competitions interrupted in early September) in order to ensure the administrative and institutional structure to operationalize the MAs for the period 2021-2027

(deadline: March 1, 2022).

The current Managing Authorities of MIPE will remain (except for the future MA Transport) and will manage the future operational programs, as follows: MA POCU will manage the Operational Program Inclusion and Social Dignity and the Operational Program Education and Employment, MA POC will manage the Intelligent Growth Operational Program, Digitization and Financial Instruments, MA POIM will manage the Sustainable Development Operational Program, the Health Operational Program and the Fair Transition Operational Program.

USR signals that the issuance and approval of the Financing Guidelines (deadline: June 30, 2022) and the accreditation of management and control systems for MA related to PO 2021-2027 (deadline: December 31, 2022) are also urgent, informs Agerpres.

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