European Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit has warned of rising poverty in Europe due to rising electricity prices, the dpa reported on Sunday.

Schmit told the news agency that millions of people in the community bloc are suffering from poverty caused by rising electricity prices and added that their numbers will continue to rise.

The European Commission could help member states limit the impact of very high electricity prices on the population, but that the obligation to take action lies primarily with national governments, according to Schmit.

On Friday, German government spokeswoman Martina Fietz said it was important to have Europe-wide coordination and to act on current EU internal market regulations, writes Agerpres.

The issue will be discussed at the European Council next week in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, Fietz said.

The European Confederation of Trade Unions ETUC pointed out in September that, according to existing data, more than 2.7 million people in Europe can no longer afford to heat their homes properly, despite having a job and , by default, an income.

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