• For 2021, Lycamobile – the provider with the most competitive offer available for a Prepay card, which includes Roaming, unlimited internet, 1000 national minutes, 1000 international and 1000 national SMS – wants to revolutionize the Romanian telecommunications market.

  • As a launch offer, all holiday packages purchased from Go Travel in April and May, will include the Lycamobile SIM GIFT.

With over 28 years of experience in corporate travel, Go Travel is one of the most powerful travel agencies in the country, with offices in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The year 2021 is characterized by innovation and expansion, continuing the reinvention strategy set in 2020, when the foundations of new business lines were laid, the most important being Go Hotels, a division positioned as a regional wholesaler in the hotel reservations segment, presenting solutions for both the corporate and holiday segments.

In order to offer customers complete solutions, Go Travel proposes, together with its partner Lycamobile, new products to ensure easy and accessible connectivity to both the business traveler and the tourist who enjoys the dream vacation.

The main advantages that Go Travel tourists will benefit exclusively are:

  • The best price / benefit ratio for mobile data, on the Prepay market: unlimited internet on the Romanian territory, from 3 EURO.

  • Roaming access and benefits included in the basic package, which offers internet and international networked minutes for 22 countries.

  • Possibility to use the SIM in devices intended exclusively for data (router, modem, tablet).

  • Possibility to activate several options simultaneously, if customers need more minutes or more internet.

“In the last year, we have all felt the importance of the human connection. Internet access has become vital, as it gives us the opportunity to share our experiences, to communicate at any time with those who are not physically close to us, or to make sure that our loved ones are well. As a shared joy is a double joy, whether they are traveling in the country or abroad, our customers will be able to easily share the holiday experience with unlimited access with Lycamobile cards. In addition, even far from home, children and adults will continue to watch their favorite games, movies, documentaries, taking advantage of the best offer on the market “, underlines Codruţa Popescu, Managing Director of Go Travel

Lycamobile is the world leader in the Prepay international call market, and from the position of one of the most important players in the mobile telecommunications market, the company offers the best services at extremely competitive prices.

Go Travel developed this partnership with Lycamobile at a critical time in the way we travel today. The main goal of this campaign is to provide security and barrier-free connection from your mobile, tablet or router, wherever you are. Lycamobile’s competitiveness in the Prepay card market is possible through partnerships and interconnections developed with over 30 operators, in order to offer high quality local and international calls and at very attractive prices.

Due to the presence of Lycamobile in 23 countries (most of the European Economic Area), the quality of services offered is very good, and the package of the basic extra option includes 1000 international minutes, 1000 sms, unlimited Internet and 2 GB in Roaming, valid for one month , at the price of 3 EURO.

The new product offers passengers safety, through better connectivity but especially through complete control over costs in other countries. Lycamobile offers the cheapest option in the Roaming market and the only Prepay card with unlimited internet, at an unbeatable price. However, one of the main advantages is that the user can use the SIM in the phone, on the tablet, in the router or modem. The My Lycamobile online platform offers the end customer the opportunity to manage their desired monthly top-ups and benefits, even after returning from the trip.

The team of people passionate about travel from the Go Travel agency aims to encourage as many Romanians as possible to travel this year, with less worries and more confidence in the places where they choose to spend their vacation. Thus, for the safety of travelers, the consultants are prepared to offer tourists the most varied accommodation options, for all tastes, with assured signal, and for business travelers, the most attractive rates on the market for international connectivity.

According to Mihai Alexandru Nica, Lycamobile Country Manager, “through this partnership we want to adapt the current context and to help the Romanian tourism industry to overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19. The packages offered by Lycamobile and Go Travel offer customers a new travel experience, holidays with connectivity included in EU Roaming, without the worry of additional costs and without a contract. Lycamobile packages with Roaming included are the most competitive on the market, offering access and benefits to customers starting with 3 EURO / month. For 2021, Lycamobile wants to revolutionize the Romanian telecommunications market, offering unlimited national internet from 3 EURO and at the same time, access and benefits in EU Roaming ”.

Currently, the Go Hotels system manages a portfolio of over 700 directly contracted hotels (in Romania and the Republic of Moldova), with negotiated tariff plans for corporate clients and resellers (tour operators and travel agencies).

Using specific tools to monitor the activity of contracted hotels, the Go Hotels team negotiates commercial conditions adapted to the current situation, offering partners access to over 1,000,000 hotels, 24,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities.

Go Hotels has a regional approach, consolidating the bargaining power and contracting in a regional hub, following that in 2021 the portfolio of directly contracted hotels will exceed 1,000 accommodation units, by expanding the contracting and distribution process in 7 new countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia. By aggregating its own product in the booking platform, together with external suppliers, Go Hotels offers users access to a permanent, dynamic and transparent benchmark.

In addition, Go Travel has diversified its leisure offer for corporate customers, launching a dedicated platform, where customers find all services in one place: hotel, flight, travel packages and even group bookings. Customers thus enjoy a user-friendly platform with characteristic content, flexible payments, special modification and cancellation conditions, 24-hour availability, discounts and promotions as an intrinsic approach, original travel ideas and unique experiences, all updated weekly.

For corporate customers, Go Travel has launched the Go Travel app, an application that allows real-time communications and alerts, customized by one of the most important global vectors of travel technology: Amadeus. The application is intended both for the management of reserved itineraries and for the search and reservation of additional services.

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