If you want to spend your vacation in Poiana Brasov, you should know that around 21.00 you should be in the hotel room.

I stayed three days at a hotel in Poiana Brasov. Every night, the fire was extinguished at around 21.00. Specifically, the bear was sending you home. On the first evening, I received a warning through RO-ALERT: “Attention, the presence of a bear in Poiana Brașov was signaled. The animal is considered dangerous. Do not try to get close to him or feed him. Avoid traveling in the area if it is not absolutely necessary “. I received the message in the next two days. In the morning I found the dumpsters near the hotel upside down, another proof that the bears had come to visit.

And one evening, several tourists who had seen the bear came to the hotel running with their flashlights on. Fortunately, the animal did its job, and the people escaped.

So it is perfectly understandable, beyond the prices, why people choose to go on holiday abroad: in the mountains, in Romania, the bears run you through the parking lot, and in Mamaia the beach has widened so much that you can barely reach it in due time.

Authorities are doing nothing to solve the bear problem. Escape who can. The authorities let us know that we are in danger, each one by luck. It’s like in the case of those buildings you pass by and somewhere there is a written ad: “be careful, the plaster falls!” If you’re going to die, you’re dying informed. Of course, if, by absurdity, you got to see the warning, that’s what a man does when he walks on the sidewalk: read the ads on the buildings. So it is with bears. Until something is done, we go to the mountains, always looking behind us so that there is no hungry fur. And the bear defenders, with all due respect, can tell us when they last took a vacation in Romania. That if from Saint-Tropez and Madeira you shout: “take your paws off our teddy bears!” there’s not much left to say. But when you want to take a walk through Sinaia, Busteni, Poiana Brasov and you know that your bear might blow in the back of your head even when walking through the park, it seems that the paradigm changes a little.

Authorities will probably do something only when the bears maim people. Until then, leave it at that. We rely on the goodwill of bears who only do a little bad to tourists and then see theirs. What’s the big deal if you meet the bear? You get a little scared, you run away and you escape. And you no longer live in our mountain resorts. You do tourism in other more civilized countries.

The challenge for bear lovers is to leave Greece and Bulgaria and take a vacation in Sinaia, Busteni or Prahova Valley. This country came from Romania Roursia.

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