By Veronica Micu.
Posted: 14.09.2021, 14:35.

Updated: 15.09.2021, 12:35

Four people were injured this morning after a car that regularly entered an intersection was hit by a truck. The accident occurred in Tohanul Nou, Brașov County, and was filmed by a surveillance camera.

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The recording shows how the driver of the car stops on the second lane, at the red color of the traffic light, giving a left signal. When it turns green, the car regularly enters the intersection and turns left, at which point it is swept away by a truck. The impact was terrible and only a miracle made the four people in the car escape with their lives.

Four injured after the accident in Tohanu Nou

Three SMURD crews, an SAJ ambulance and a water and foam truck went to the scene. Three of the victims were transported to the hospital, the fourth refusing to be hospitalized.

“We intervened to provide the necessary medical assistance, and 3 of the 4 victims were transported to the hospital,” said ISU Brasov representatives.

In the case, the police have opened a criminal case and are still investigating to establish the circumstances that led to the accident.

– Article made with the help of information and images obtained by the reporter Observator Claudiu Loghin –

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