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After being expelled and not allowed to run for the entrance exam, a former student of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca demanded almost one billion euros in compensation. The situation reached the Tribunal.

Belghin Abdul-Cair is a former student who sued the University of Cluj, demanding compensation of no less than 900 million euros after being rejected by the university’s admission commission last year, on the grounds that his case was he was incomplete and in addition he is not a Romanian citizen, writes

Belghin Abdul-Cair considers himself discriminated against on the grounds of nationality, as only citizens of the European Union, the Swiss Confederation and Eastern Europe can apply for admission to the FMU.

In court, UMF stated that the applicant was a student of the Faculty of Medicine, and in the sixth year he was expelled by Decision number 496 of 6 July 2017 for defrauding an examination. The plaintiff could no longer be sanctioned with the transition to the complementary year, respectively with the repetition of the year, because during his studies a student can be enrolled in the complementary year at most three times, and the plaintiff exhausted the three possibilities, so he lost the quality of student of the university with the issuance of the expulsion decision.

The applicant sent the application file for the academic year 2020 – 2021, the registration being made online and he received the confirmation of receipt on 3 September. After a few days, the university informed the applicant that the file was incomplete and that the deadline for submitting the files had expired, and on 10 September the applicant sent the transcript by e-mail to the university, asking if his right to enroll had been violated. .

UMF pointed out that enrollment in studies is conditional on compliance with the legal provisions on the minimum criteria required for pursuing university studies and refers to the provisions of the regulation on assessing the performance of candidates for admission to studies.

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