Carmen Tănase felt pretty bad the other day, showing some cold symptoms. He decided to call the theater to announce that he was not feeling well, and from here various rumors began to be launched. During Wednesday, in the public space appeared information about the health of the star. It was rumored to have been infected with COVID-19.

On Thursday, Carmen Tănase decided to go out in public and talk openly about her health, but also about other information that appeared in the public space related to immunization. The actress told Antena 3 that she is not infected with SARS-Cov-2 and is not one of the anti-vaccine people. This idea began to appear in the public space after the star made a series of confessions related to immunization and her opinion on this subject. From her statements, it is clear that she is not completely against the vaccine, but all the confessions made over time are just personal beliefs that can change.

“I don’t have Sars-Cov-2 and I’m not a convinced anti-vaccine, it’s fake news from beginning to end,” the actress told Antena 3 on Thursday night.

According to the star’s statements, her health is slightly affected by a common cold. Most likely, the speculation in the press was launched after she decided not to go to the theater on the grounds that she was not feeling well. Carmen Tănase did not rule out the possibility of being infected with the new coronavirus, and even pointed out in her statements that she did two quick tests, and the result was a negative one in the case of both.

“I was hoarse, I was a bit speechless, my nose was a little runny, I called the theater and told them I was more pissed. I did two tests at home, I came out negative “, added Carmen Tănase.

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