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“The bear baaa! Attention, the presence of a bear on Stejarisului Street was reported. The animal is considered dangerous. Do not try to get close to him or feed him. Avoid traveling in the area unless absolutely necessary. ISU Brașov “, is shown in the message sent by the authorities from Braşov.

Thousands of Brasov residents were surprised by the Ro-Alert message they received on Monday evening from ISU Brasov.

10 vital tips in case you meet a bear

Ovidiu Ionescu, vice-dean of the Faculty of Forestry in Brașov, offered a list of tips for mountain hiking enthusiasts, which could save their lives, in case they come face to face with the bear.

  1. The instinct is to run away the moment you see the bear, but that would be the biggest mistake. No matter how trained you are, you can’t run harder than a bear. So, you saw the bear, you stop and slowly retreat, facing the animal, on the same route you came.
  2. Don’t whistle, don’t scream, don’t make noise when you see the bear. This could shake him even harder and make him attack. The noise (whistle, firecrackers, bell, etc.) is made when you are on the mountain path just to warn the bear that you are in the forest and to give the animal time to retreat.
  3. It is essential not to walk quietly on a mountain trail or through the forest. If you are accompanied, you talk loudly with your hiking colleague, if you are alone, whistles, sing. Even if it has a “fine nose”, the bear cannot distinguish the smell if the wind blows from it. If the bear-man encounter is sudden, without giving the animal time to retreat, it may be tempted to attack, if taken by surprise.
  4. There are anti-bear sprays, but they must be high capacity to be effective, the jet of irritant must be at least 10 meters away. The substance is not harmful to the animal, it only causes irritation to the airways and causes the bear to run away. After activating the spray, do not run, but easily retreat on the same route you came, facing the animal. Don’t turn your back on him.
  5. Firecrackers can be effective, but not all the time. Bears have begun to associate the noise of firecrackers with hunting, no longer associate it with imminent danger, and there is a possibility that they will not be frightened.
  6. Pay close attention to the trees felled in the forest, especially to those that have their roots removed from the ground. It is the place that bear males choose to make their lair. Females that have chicks make their shelters much more elaborate and sheltered, in caves as a rule.
  7. Do not position yourself between the bear cub and his mother. The female will consider that you want to attack her chick and will become very aggressive. When you see a bear cub, do the same as when you meet an adult bear. It can be just as dangerous. Bear cubs are always accompanied by their mother. Even if you don’t see her for the first time, she is definitely somewhere nearby and preparing to attack.
  8. Bears don’t play! When you see a bear running and “tumbling” through the forest, be convinced that it is in attack, and its intentions are not friendly at all.
  9. Don’t offer food, don’t go to them, don’t stop to take a picture of them. Because the food is plentiful, female bears have begun to give birth to more than two chicks. So, if you saw two chicks in the forest, it does not mean that there are no others in the immediate vicinity. The only saving gesture is to retreat slowly on the same path you came and in no case interact with the teddy bears. Any gesture, any movement towards the cubs could be interpreted by their mother as a danger and will attack.
  10. The bear doesn’t scratch, the bear kills.

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