DRCT, a technology provider with the highest certification standard as an IATA NDC aggregator (level 4), a standard required by tourism companies that want to provide optimal travel services to their customers, has implemented in partnership with Accent Travel & Events a platform Similar distribution Uber, which brings airlines together in a single ecosystem, is shown in a press release.

NDC is the latest technology in the aviation industry launched by IATA to develop a new standard for transmitting data on traded airline tickets and all information on fares, services included, validity, etc., from airlines to travel agencies, for customers their business or leisure / tourism travelers.

According to the press release, DRCT allows all travel agencies, whether they are classic, online – OTA (online travel agencies), specialized in business travel management – TMC (Travel Management Company) or Metasearch to reach all the information about tickets put up for sale by airlines through NDC, directly from GDS (global air ticket distribution and marketing systems). The NDC content that can be accessed comes from airlines such as Lufthansa Group, British Airways, Air France / KLM, Ukraine International Airlines, Aegean Group and many more. The access is made through a software, integrated directly in the browser, which uses artificial intelligence and is designed to facilitate the daily activity of the issuing agent. It is easy to install and intuitive to use.

DRCT users have access to all routes and fares offered by airlines without paying additional GDS fees, allowing them to save from 15 to 200 euros per ticket. DRCT does not impose a target on the number of tickets issued, and the agency remains the holder of reservations.

DRCT thus offers travel agencies an efficient and fast way of working, which will improve the shopping experience of the final consumer, the passenger, who has access to a variety of products from which to choose the most suitable for each trip in terms of tariff, services included, conditions of reimbursement and modification, travel cabin.

Viktor Nekrylov, co-founder of DRCT, says: “We look forward to working with Accent Travel & Events in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Together we want to bring the NDC closer to the agencies, to have access to all available rates and to benefit from new revenue growth opportunities. Our goal is for agencies to be able to easily adopt the NDC and enjoy the benefits it offers: seat availability and one-off rates. “

Lucian Boronea, CEO of Accent Travel & Events, says: “We are honored to have been appointed the only representative of DRCT in the Romanian and Moldovan markets, a technology provider that uses artificial intelligence to build a new distribution platform that brings content together. NDC airlines in a solid ecosystem This partnership is in addition to the other local and global projects that Accent Travel & Events is carrying out using various technological solutions for which significant investments have been made in recent years.DRCT is a web software integrated in GDS , which facilitates access to all flights and types of fares sold by airlines to all Accent Travel & Events customers and partners, complementing the existing content offered by GDS and other aggregators of low cost airlines. “

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