European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday threatened to take action against Poland in response to the Warsaw Constitutional Court’s ruling that some EU laws were incompatible with the Polish constitution. Sanctions could be aimed at cutting European funds.

In a meeting with European commissioners, Ursula von der Leyen said that the initial analysis of the Constitutional Court’s decision indicates that it raises serious problems for the EU bloc, said Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, according to dpa, taken over by Agerpres.

If these concerns are confirmed by a deeper analysis of the implications of the decision, Ursula von der Leyen indicated several options in response.

These include the opening of new infringement proceedings against Poland, which could lead to a trial before the EU Court of Justice and ultimately result in financial sanctions against Warsaw.

According to Simson, the new EU rule of law mechanism could also be activated, allowing payments from the EU budget to countries accused of violating EU law.

The decision that sparked the storm

Brussels has already initiated the procedure provided for in Article 7 of the Treaty against Poland for violating EU values, which could lead to the suspension of the country’s right to vote in the EU Council.

The European Commission launched this process in 2017 due to judicial reforms in Poland, but the case was delayed for several years.

However, Ursula von der Leyen could extend the scope of this case to include the most recent decision of the Constitutional Court.

This court ruled in early October that some elements of EU law violate provisions of the Polish Constitution and thus ruled that national law takes precedence over EU law.

The European Commission generally considers that EU law takes precedence over national law.

The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, denied that the government he leads would want the country to leave the European Union, a so-called Polexit. Morawiecki made the statement on Tuesday in Budapest, where he accused opposition politicians of spreading “fake news” about Polexit, which he called “a lie that seeks to weaken the Union.”

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