By Veronica Micu.
Published: 04.05.2021, 13:00.

Updated: 04.05.2021, 13:18

Outrageous scenes filmed in a park in Brasov. A teenager was punched and kicked, slapped and humiliated by two girls, while other children made a gallery on the sidelines and filmed the violent episode.

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Brasov police officers are investigating a criminal case, under the aspect of committing the crimes of “hitting or other violence” and “disturbing public order and tranquility”, following a recording posted yesterday on a social network.

The images captured in a park in Brasov show a teenage girl sitting on her knees, while another girl forces her to kiss her shoes, then hits her with her fists and feet.

Other children are filming, laughing and having fun

Instead of intervening, other children film the violent scene with mobile phones, laugh, have fun, and some shout that the girl should not be hit in the face. After escaping from the hands of the first bully, the teenager is punched by another.

“Give it to Silaghi, give it to him!”

After the rain of fists, palms and feet, the girl is lifted from the ground by a boy, and the filming stops.

Yesterday, the images were uploaded on social networks, thus reaching the attention of the Brașov Police.

“Police officers from the Brașov Municipality Police – Section 5 Police carry out investigations in a criminal case under the aspect of committing crimes of hitting or other violence and disturbing public order and tranquility”, transmitted police commissioner Alina-Maria Ivan.

The case is being investigated under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Brașov Court.

– Article made with the help of the information obtained by the reporter Observator Claudiu Loghin –

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