Since the launch of his book, “France has not said its last word”, the polemicist already convicted of inciting racial hatred has continued to rise in polls, notes the Belgian daily The evening, quoted by International mail. One of them, from Harris Interactive Institute, shows it for the first time in front of the Le Pen Navy, with 17% compared to 15%. A sudden lightning strike …

And Zemmour’s supporters want to believe that, at some point, nothing will stand in their way. Not even the “corpses in the closet.” Such as the photo of the journalist having lunch, in January 2020, with Jean-Marie Le Pen, in the company of the daughter of Joachim von Ribbentrop, minister of the Third Reich, executed in 1946 in Nuremberg.

Or the growing number of testimonies of women talking about sexual harassment. Or the fact that it has no program, no government distribution, no majority start.

So can he succeed in the union he hopes for between the “patriotic bourgeoisie” and the popular classes? No serious analyst believes that Zemmour could win the presidential election. But everyone admits that the polemicist “confuses” the campaign to such an extent that all hypotheses are now possible for the second round. And that, at this stage, the one who would “benefit” from the polemicist’s candidacy is called Emmanuel Macron, believes Le Soir.

A possible challenge for Macron

The Spectator writes that Zemmour is detested by those who think correctly in Paris and is condemned as an instigator, although his formidable intellect and polemical talents are widely recognized.

“A staunch defender of French values ​​against Islamic ideology, this son of Algerian Jewish exiles has been condemned on numerous occasions for his attacks on Islam.

But how is Macron? His opposition seems atomized. But surveys, especially those based on assumptions, have limited value. Absenteeism remains probably the largest party in France, which makes all predictions treacherous.

Zemmour’s friends, however, hope they can mobilize “hitherto silent voters.” If true, Macron could wake up with a real challenge from the right. “

Le Figaro notes that for the past four years, the right has struggled not to be caught in the grip between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

And here is the unexpected eruption of Eric Zemmour and the predictable assertion of Edouard Philippe complicate the game.

While Politico headlines: France is fascinated by Eric Zemmour a “French Trump”.

Life stories and similar views

Like Donald Trump, Eric Zemmour wins the game against his rivals and the press. Trump and Zemmour have similar life stories and views. Trump also gained a huge exposure on Fox News through his own reality show, while Zemmour made his name on popular TV shows and on non-stop news channels.

They both make a virtue of not being career politicians. Like Trump, Zemmour has occupied the media landscape with a mixture of excessive posting and promises of a tough approach to immigration, one of the key issues in the election.

He recently suggested the reintroduction of Catholic first names for children of French descent to improve the integration of immigrants and announced that he was in favor of deporting all foreign “offenders”.

But is Eric Zemour really a Donald Trump? Not exactly, he thinks Point. The magazine asked this question to a former French ambassador to Washington, who was following the former White House tenant closely.

Trump is a “beast of the stage”, able to animate gigantic meetings where he arouses the enthusiasm of the public. At no time does he mention a program; his speeches are nothing more than an uninterrupted dialogue with participants whose fears, prejudices and passions flatter them; he places himself at their level, uses their vocabulary and knows how to ignite their emotions to his advantage.

Trump and Boris Johnson are endowed with an indisputable charisma, essential for a populist candidate.

In this area, Eric Zemmour has not yet demonstrated that he is able to “heat a room”, politically and physically. So far, we see him arousing the interest of classical conservatives who appreciate his culture; it remains to do the same with the Yellow Vests, in another, more popular register.

In addition, Trump and Johnson took control of one of the two major parties in their country and were therefore able to rely on the logistics and legitimacy they brought to their candidacy. Nothing like that for Eric Zemmour, says Le Point.

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