TBI Bank, the fastest growing phygital lender in the South East Europe region, is partnering with the Gomag e-commerce platform to offer an integrated digital solution to offline and online retailers.

Through this partnership, all traders, whether it is electronic products, fashion, furniture, household products, services or sporting goods, can strengthen their presence in the digital environment, through its own website to support sales growth, with the help of the eCommerce platform offered by Gomag. At the same time, Gomag’s business customers, together with all merchants who will open online stores in the future through the e-commerce platform, will benefit from the innovative TBIPay solution.

With the TBIPay payment solution, merchants can increase their sales by offering customers the opportunity to buy what they want on the spot and pay later, in a simple and convenient process, without additional documents and without trips to the bank, paying later in installments adapted to their own budget. In addition, with Gomag, retailers can strengthen their e-commerce business and digital presence through an online store that allows for quick purchases, product recommendations and customer loyalty methods.

“TBIPay is a payment solution that has proven effective for thousands of merchants in all industries, who have increased their sales and improved the shopping experience offered to customers. The process is simple and extremely fast for both merchants and customers, financing the purchase in a few minutes and instantly turning visitors into customers. The partnership with Gomag will offer retailers, regardless of size and turnover, access to services similar to those enjoyed by global retail brands “, said Ionut Sabadac, Head of Merchant Solutions at TBI.

Gomag and TBIPay integrated solutions will help existing and new merchants strengthen their digital presence to better meet customer needs and can make a significant contribution to increased sales in the physical environment, but also digitally, by expanding the customer base and increasing the average value of the shopping cart.

“Romanians shop online for various reasons and are increasingly confident in their decisions. But the constant question any retailer has is how to persuade customers to choose their store? Through the partnership with TBI, we are confident that retailers on the Gomag platform can offer good reasons for customers to buy from their online store, easily and without worries. And the best part is that, in this way, they can encourage their customers to buy more, to increase the average value of a purchase and, therefore, to increase their profits “, says Cosmin Daraban, CEO of Gomag.

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