Not only is Brasov in the red scenario, but with an incidence of 6.4 per thousand inhabitants it has all the chances to be quarantined in the coming days.

However, because it snowed like it hadn’t happened for years, Poiana was besieged by tourists. Two meters measures, in some places, the layer of snow.

In Poiana Brașov it seems that only now is the peak of the season.

Skiers even waited an hour in front of the cable cars. But no one was bothered. The gendarmes tried their best to keep their distance and at least force the world to wear a mask.

Many tourists made their way back because they had nowhere to leave their cars. They didn’t need snow anymore.

Others simply forced their luck.

For 20 years, not so much snow has fallen in Poiana Brașov, say the locals. The Trojans sometimes exceed 2 meters and give visitors the perfect setting for their next Instagram post.

Stolen from the landscape, many tourists ventured into the mountains and got lost.

Cătălin Petrescu, Mountain Rescue Poiana Braşov: “They were stuck in the snow, the snow being in some places over 1 m, stuck in the snow to the waist. Of course they could not move.”

The city of Brasov, which also includes the ski resort, is in the red scenario, and the incidence of infections is 6.4 per thousand.

Authorities have announced that a possible quarantine of the city will be discussed next week.

The freshly laid snow in a rich layer, over a meter, also filled the Păltiniș resort, near Sibiu.

Marius Roman, ski resort manager: “It’s not winter, we started promoting spring skiing. We have a new layer, somewhere between 70 cm and one meter.”

The heavy snow of the last few days extends the ski season by at least two weeks. Given that we are actually in the off-season, prices are also 30% lower.

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