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Unirea Slobozia humiliated FC Brașov under Tâmpa, winning, definitely, with the score of 6-0, in the third stage of League 2.

As it has shown so far, FC Brașov is a mockery kept alive on taxpayers’ money. Maybe coach Ilie Stan would have fired quickly, if he didn’t have a huge termination clause (as it sounds) for the salary level of the second echelon. The “yellow-black” footballers showed absolutely nothing. There is an urgent need for quick and efficient measures, otherwise the successful promotion of Corona, abolished in the liquor of corporate scotch, is in vain. We are also waiting for a point of view of the mayor-microbist on the theme of the involution of his summer creation …

End point.

90 + 3 minutes. Slobozia raised the score to 6-0, thanks to Marius Matei.

90 minutes. Unirea Slobozia made it 5-0, following a header from Dinu.

Minute 88. Great occasion for guests. “Head” from the square a little near the gate.

Minute 83. Pushes and yellow cards in both camps.

Minute 71. Ivan, Sebastian – not Marian, shot dry from inside the box, raising the score to 4-0 for Unirea. FC Brașov and, really, KO

Minute 68. And the Ialomites made 3 changes in the first “11”.

Minute 65. Stoica led the score to 3-0 in favor of Slobozia, he escaped alone on the counterattack.

Minute 60. Three changes were made at FC Brașov: Boția, Horia Popa and Iurcu entered, Codrea, Negrean and Anton came out, about the latter the president Ioan Mărginean being heard, at the Official, saying that it is a “public danger”.

Minute 56. Ibrian made it 2-0 for Unirea Slobozia, after a successful combination.

Minute 52. Free kick on behalf of the guests from 18 meters. He shot himself in the wall.

The second half has begun and … there is pressure on Ilie Stan, on “Tineretului” Mircea Rednic arrived, nicknamed “Strâmbul”. The other day, Dan Petrescu also seemed interested in FC Brașov.

– Mihalcea was replaced, at the break, with Lascu, at FC Brașov.

End of half. Unirea Slobozia leads 1-0 in Brașov, and the team supported by the money of our City Hall looks pathetic. The FC Brașov Steagu ‘Renaște project – conceived, politically, quickly ahead – seems to be running after the first first stages.

Minute 42. Violent shot of Ialomita (Mustaca), from 25 meters, the ball hitting the bar of Lungu’s goal.

Minute 37. FC Brașov tried to focus their attacks down the middle.

Minute 30. Nothing remarkable. It’s like meeting two amateur teams.

Minute 26. Mayor Allen Coliban is present in the official rostrum. Former international Ionel Ganea also came to the match.

Minute 19. There aren’t many goal phases, the game is one of wear. Slobozia walks the ball more.

Minute 13. The guests dominate the game, without (more) opportunities.

Minute 8. Change at FC Brașov: Roșu came out, Leonte came on.

Minute 3. Slobozia leads 1-0, Perju scoring from a free kick from 18 meters.

Minute 2. Brașov play, from now on, in 10, after Burlacu saw the red card, as he fouled from the position of last defender.

– The match has begun

FC Brașov (yellow-black) evolves in the composition: Lungu – Sburlea, Burlacu (captain), Sabău, Dumbravă, Anton, Iorga, Mihalcea, Roșu, Negrean, Codrea. Coach: Ilie Stan

On the other hand, Unirea Slobozia (blue – blue) plays with: Gurău – Ibrian, I. Dinu, Perju, Toma (captain), Coadă, Cruceru, Mustacă, Greu, Savu (formerly at SR Brașov), Al. Stoica. Coach: Adrian Mihalcea

About 200 spectators are present at the dispute.


Today, from 11.00, on the “Tineretului” Stadium, FC Brașov will face Unirea Slobozia in the third stage of the 2nd Football League.

The team coached by Ilie Stan has 2 points, while the guests have maximum points (6).

The match will be refereed in the center by Cristian Moldoveanu (Sf. Gheorghe – Covasna), assisted in the two touches by Cosmin Vătămanu (Bucharest) and Daniel Vlase (Galați).

Iulian Spătaru (Timișoara) and Horațiu Stănescu (Dolj) were appointed observers.

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