SATURDAY, JULY 31, 2021, 11:16 p.m.


AUTHOR: Ioana Stanescu




Due to the torrential rains of the last hours, there are massive landslides in Brașov County.

The localities of Măgura and Peștera are severely affected, where the earth took it downhill after the rains brought alluvium with logs from the mountain. A house in the Cave is in danger of collapsing, and several locals are desperate after finding several animals in the household killed by the flood.

According to ISU Brașov, in the Cave a construction consisting of stable and barn was affected. A cow, 40 chickens and a dog died.

Currently, a house in Peştera village is at risk of damage due to landslides.

Several localities in Brașov County were under red code, on Saturday, being signaled torrential showers that will exceed 40-50 l / sqm, frequent electric discharges, storms, hail.

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