According to DAL Travel consultants, one of the most famous tour operators in Romania with premium and circuit tourism products, established in 2000, Romanians have already started to be interested and make reservations for the winter holidays. Many tourists are vaccinated and do not encounter additional problems when crossing borders, and unvaccinated tourists are oriented according to the color constancy of the destination countries. In the case of Romania, both categories of tourists make reservations, relying on the fact that, most likely, we will not go through a total or partial lockdown, as it was last winter, according to a statement sent to the newsroom.

The most requested exotic or more distant destinations for New Year’s Eve are Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador & Galapagos, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Tunisia. As closer destinations, there are already many reservations for Turkey, Portugal, Albania, Georgia and Germany (especially Berlin).

For Romania, the main premium destinations requested by the holidays are Poiana Braşov, Prahova Valley, Sibiu, Maramureş, Bucovina and Păltiniş.

“Romanian tourists prefer to spend Christmas with their families, but if they still want to travel, they opt for places in Romania, in guesthouses that offer traditional dishes and where they can enjoy local traditions. But on New Year’s Eve, they prefer exotic, warm, remote destinations. “According to the registrations so far, we estimate that for the winter season – especially for the exotic destinations, there will be numerous registrations.

Romanians are generally looking for warm, sunny destinations with access to the sea or the ocean. He also prefers “green” destinations, less affected by the pandemic, especially when it comes to circuits.

Internally, DAL Travel tourists opt for 4 and 5 star premium locations, located in nature, in mountain areas or in rural tourism areas, where traditions have been preserved.

According to DAL Travel reservations, the top foreign destinations for New Year’s Eve are: Egypt, Panama – Costa Rica, Christmas & New Year’s Eve Cruise in the Caribbean, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Turkey (Cappadocia), Central Asia – Uzbekistan, Mexico and South Africa South.

Among the most affordable New Year’s Eve offers are, as a rate for one person, with accommodation and transport included, those in Paris (540 euros), Turkey – Cappadocia (680 euros), Lebanon (940 euros), Albania (980 euros), Georgia (1180 euros), Tunisia (1290 euros) but also Thailand – Phuket (1440 euros).

For tourists with a bigger budget, the most expensive New Year’s Eve on offer are for Tanzania and Zanzibar (2990 euros) which also include safaris, a Christmas and New Year’s cruise in the Caribbean (2910 euros) but also a program in Panama and Costa Rica (2895 euros).

Of course, there are personalized, luxury offers, which can have considerably higher costs, depending on the quality of the services.

Romanian tourists have begun to prefer exotic and “green” destinations. The following unique destinations have appeared in the DAL Travel portfolio: Pakistan, Togo – Benin – Ghana, Sudan, Iceland with the “hunt” of the Northern Lights, Senegal – Gambia, Cuba, Red Sea Cruise – Saudi Arabia, Alsace Christmas Markets, Christmas in Germany, Caribbean Cruise: Christmas and New Year, New Year Central Asia: Uzbekistan, New Year Georgia, New Year Panama – Costa Rica, New Year Las Vegas, Portugal – New Year in the Azores.

Also, according to DAL Travel consultants, here are the top foreign destinations for the upcoming winter season (December – February):



Mexic – Guatemala – Honduras

Sri Lanka

Africa from the Sud

Tanzania – Zanzibar

Panama – Costa Rica

Thailand – Phuket

Argentina – Brazil



Turkey – Cappadocia






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