Over 6,000 young people in Romania go overseas every summer through Work & Travel programs, and the fact that they are hardworking and serious has turned them into the favorites of employers in America. In addition, Romanians know English very well, and this places the country on the second place in the world, after Jamaica, in terms of the number of those admitted to this program.

Every year, thousands of Romanian students live the American dream through the Work and Travel program. Romania ranks second in the world in the number of students working in America. Iulia is also among the young people who want new experiences. Last summer he combined the useful with the pleasant.

I was a gang of four friends. In general, the work in the Work & Travel program is a bit more unskilled, which means that it is not too much mental stress “, said the young woman.

For this summer, the representatives of the US Embassy expect to receive over 8,000 applications. Chances are that over 95% will be accepted.

Caitlin Hartford, a diplomatic officer, is touring the country to recruit students. The secret of success is that our young people are very good English speakers and extremely hardworking.

“Employers in the US like to work with Romanian students, because they know that there is a much better chance for them to receive their visas, to work hard, to follow the rules,” explained the consul of the US Embassy in Romania, Caitlin Hartford.

The average hourly wage is $ 10. And most of the time, students even have two jobs.

Well, you work, but you also see new places and you make a lot of friends “, said a young man.

“It disciplines you, you learn to work in a team, you learn to respect a schedule, you understand what it means to work with many people, with clients”, added another student.

In the 16 years since Work and Travel was implemented in our country, more than 50,000 students have worked in the United States every summer. Young people who want to apply must be students in full-time courses, at an accredited state or private college, be between 18 and 29 years old and know English. Several stages follow, including an interview with the potential employer and the visa interview at the US Embassy.

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