The portal for promoting Romania as a tourist destination became active again, starting with Saturday, after the Minister of Tourism paid the amount necessary for its reactivation, according to a communiqué of the ministry.

According to the document, the Minister of Tourism, Bogdan Gheorghe Trif, ordered the emergency identification in the Ministry of Tourism of the legal measures for the future prevention of the blocking of the site, notes Agerpres.

“The portal is an important means of promoting tourism in Romania, which we want to maintain. We have ordered in the Ministry of Tourism the urgent identification of the necessary measures for the long-term resolution of legal, economic and “I am considering the multiplication of these instruments for the international promotion of Romania as a tourist destination”, underlined the minister Bogdan Gheorghe Trif., the official website of Romanian tourism in recent years, could not be accessed because the representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, who have it under administration, did not pay the annual fee for owning the domain.

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