Michael Schmidt is the leader in the largest network of car dealers in Central and Eastern Europe for a luxury brand. Michael Schmidt is a controversial figure. Born in Romania, he emigrated to Germany with his family in the early 1980s. A week ago, the businessman and his wife, Veronica, were the only ones, except for the first lady, to attend the the award ceremony in the German city of Aachen, where President Iohannis was awarded the “Charlemagne” award for “his European merits”.

Behind the scenes of the parallel state Michael Schmidt, President Iohannis’ right-wing man – Relations with Russian and German services

Journalist Mihai Belu appreciates that “the moment when the family, not the connections, with Michael Schmidt are so dangerous”, recalling that his wife, “Veronica is Renato Usatii’s sister, still has a very important connection that jumps from the Republic of Moldova with Russia. The father of his child is an important man in Russia, I will present a disturbing relationship next week. She comes from a story from 15 years ago, so she says in the file that disappeared from the police, that she received 15 stab wounds from her ex-husband after which she arrived in Romania, she ended up being Schmidt’s wife “.

Anca Alexandrescu also mentioned that “there was a huge scandal in the electoral campaign (since 2014 – ed.) About the car, the rented house”, by Klaus Iohannis.

“There have been scandals for years, with cars, with the apartment received in the spring, in Mr. Schmidt’s building, of 100 square meters, which Iohannis said he has 60 square meters. It is displayed everywhere with its cars, Iohannis applauds Mr. Schmidt “, Anca Alexandrescu also mentioned.

Journalist Liviu Alexa reported that, after the announcement of the show Behind the Scenes in parallel with the revelations about the friends of President Iohannis, “Michael Schmidt had lunch in Vienna at a steak restaurant, Mrs. Veronica was coming from work. They were worried that who was behind Anca Alexandrescu, they were discussing who would put Anca Alexandrescu to make revelations. Given that Reality is the only television that talks about this. (…) And two, Schmidt was worried about the resignation of the Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz, that all his business was going well ”.

Michael Schmidt, together with his wife, Veronica, accompanied President Klaus Iohannis on October 2, in Aachen, at the awarding of the Charlemagne International Prize.

Anca Alexandrescu replied that “there is no one behind her”.

Journalist Dan Ionescu stated that “Schmidt is also the Rolls-Royce representative for Romania and Germany, he has grown in power. Nobody gives you a hand if you don’t present guarantees. He is also a member of the Saxon export clubs, but in fact they are influential traffickers, lobbyists ”.

Andrei Bădin reported, in his turn, that “there is a lot of talk about Mr. Schmidt’s hunting. In Vienna there is a center where many advisers of Mr. Schweighofer come, like Mr. Virgil Ardelean, called “The Fox”. Mr. Schmidt has been bringing Germans to Romania since the early 1990s, I don’t know if he has anything to do with BMW, but by default he does. (…) Schmidt is a well-known financier of Sebastian Kurz’s party (Chancellor of Austria – n.red). (…) Schmidt gave 15 cars for Sibiu, the European capital. White car. Sibiu City Hall had bought an Audi, for which he paid 6 thousand euros per month “.

Regarding a possible involvement of Virgil Ardelean in the “relations” with Schweighofer, the journalist Liviu Alexa says that it is possible that Virgil Ardelean is “Iohannis’ greatest enemy, he did not forget what happened in the first term when his son he was called to the DNA in the scandal of the smart boys from energy, to deal with the undersigned “.

Regarding the presence of President Iohannis in Germany, just one day after the tragedy in Constanța, the journalist Dan Ionescu appreciates that “the president does not care about the reaction of the Romanians, because he represents someone completely different. Carol cel Mare did not receive the distinction for Romania, but to defy the Romanians. If he is suspended, show that he has support. I find it all the more unpleasant as this distinction was also received by Winston Churchill ”.

At the same time, Cristian Rizea declared, exclusively, behind the scenes of the parallel state, that “Schmidt has two files at DNA and has outsourced his business to Vienna”.

Regarding the files in which Schmidt was involved, the journalist Mihai Belu specified that “there was no direct evidence, but that during the period when Schmidt moved to Austria, the president also moved the godfather to Austria – Mr. Emil Hurezeanu, who is his godfather Schmidt ”.

Photo source: Schmidt Foundation

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