The transaction was authorized by the Competition Council and completed according to plan, and through this step, Der Touristik Group, which is headquartered in Cologne, is expanding on the Romanian market directly as a market leader.

“Travel Brands is a top company, and all 400 employees we take advantage of for our activities and plans in Eastern Europe. We are very motivated when it comes to realigning the holiday idea on the Romanian market. We support them with all the strength and resources of our Group. The use of the Dertour brand in Romania for both retail and touring will certainly strengthen our position on the local travel market “, says Sören Hartmann, CEO of DER Touristik Group.

Der Touristik is part of the German group Rewe, which also owns the Penny Market supermarket chain in Romania. Since 2012, the Germans are constantly developing internationally and are now active in 16 European countries, operating 27 of their own destinations.

Transylvania and the Danube Delta, Dertour’s incoming targets

According to CEO Soren Hartmann, the company aims to promote destinations in Transylvania, better served by the infrastructure network, and the Danube Delta, where boats and fewer cars are used, and Tulcea has an extra chance to revitalize the city’s airport.

“It’s quite complicated, we have to talk to people to tell them why to choose Romania instead of Turkey, Spain or Bulgaria. For the time being, we are bringing German citizens to the seaside “, explains Hartmann, who claims that” Travel Brands is a well-positioned company: it is a tour operator, has a distribution network, has its own incoming operator, as well as a business travel division. We can successfully provide support to our customers throughout the travel process, for a perfect vacation “, explains Hartmann.

According to Cosmin Marinof, Travel Brands already has 80 agencies managing the company’s managing director, plus three more that will open in the coming months. Dertour Romania has 19 destinations with a focus on the Mediterranean area, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, but also Egypt and exotic destinations, such as Thailand with 35 departures or Bali where 15 departures have already been bought.

From 2021, the company will expand the number of destinations operated, on the model of the Czech company that belongs to the same group and actually bought Travel Brands.

“We will have a 7% tariff reduction as a result of the group’s bargaining power, and we will focus on attracting foreign tourists to Transylvania and the Danube Delta. We are also counting on a 25% increase in online orders “, says Marinof.

Dertour Romania will keep the local Travel Brands team (we keep the sales and management at each takeover, you know the local specifics, says Hartmann), but Dragoș Anastasiu will hand over the position of CEO to Cosmin Marinof, and he will remain on the Advisory Board way to be created.

Cosmin Marinof also says that Dertour Romania will have its own charters to Egypt, Turkey or Spain from several companies, but especially from the new SanExpres, a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa.

European tourists like the sun

From Soren Hartmann’s point of view, the main difference between European tourists and those from the rest of the world is that they are the first to watch the sun.

“Nowhere in the world are you looking for a two-week vacation in the sun, by the sea. That is why the Mediterranean is very important to us. Neither in the USA, where you go to the sea for a maximum of a week, usually a few days, nor in Asia, where you look for routes, there is no such joy of the sun. That is why Europeans are looking for it all over the world, and, especially young people, they are also looking for exotic destinations, special cultures. Expensive stuff, but worth it. Europe has a strong middle class, which is also developing in Romania, which is very good for you, including in terms of holidays “, concludes Hartmann.

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