Named Cetățuia and located on Straja Hill in Brașov, the 5,000 sq m monument is 500 years old, and in the last 6 it is completely closed due to the dispute between the Brașov City Hall and Aro Palace, a company built from the remains of ONT, under the initial name of Postăvarul SA, together with Poiana SA in 1990

Aro Palace has owned the Citadel since 1990, it wanted to get rid of it, for about 3.3 million euros. Too high a price for the City Hall, which is now fighting in court for the tourist objective after discovering that the building arrived for free in the portfolio of Aro Palace, and in the Land Book the owner is mentioned the city of Brasov.

The citadel is still owned by the company Aro Palace, whose majority shareholder is SIF Transilvania. The company had a restaurant and a terrace in the citadel, both closed for economic reasons. The company should have invested 2.5 million euros for a rehabilitation of the old building. The citadel has been in the patrimony of ONT since 1982. In 1990 the company was privatized, and two companies resulted from it: Postăvarul SA and Poiana SA. The Postavarul company took possession of the building along with other assets, and in 2000 it changed its name to Aro Palace. The documents show that the asset was received free of charge.

One of the symbols of the city

The fortress of Brasov is one of the symbols of the city and an attraction for tourists. Initially, on the hill on which the fortress is located, in 1524, a watchtower was built, made of stone and brick, in the shape of a horseshoe. It had three levels, equipped with embrasures on the lower levels and fuel oil holes on the upper level. The nucleus was completed in the following period with a bastion that had four wooden towers.

In 1773 it functioned as a prison for Turkish and French prisoners, and during the plague epidemic it was a ward for those with symptoms of the disease. In recent years, the City Hall has invested several million lei in the development of the building. The alleys of the Citadel were paved, and the alleys were widened, so that the buses also have access to the fortress. There is a promenade around it, so that tourists can enjoy the view.

The Aro Palace company initially requested 5.2 million euros for Cetățuie, but the expertises showed that the real value is 3.3 million euros. The mayor’s office exercised its right of pre-emption and offered land and money in exchange, but the transaction was not completed.

The citadel goes to court

DNA prosecutors also entered the line, requesting all the documents to verify the legality of the future transaction. Because no agreement was reached, the City Hall filed a lawsuit to obtain the fortress. The appeal reached the High Court of Cassation and Justice for about three years, and recently its status was changed, from the “filter procedure”, to the establishment of the first court hearing for May 25.

The local authorities rely on the fact that Aro Palace received the fortress free of charge, but also on the fact that the documents of the land book as owner appear in the Municipality of Brasov. This aspect was also mentioned in the summons of the Aro Palace company: “the generic building called“ Complex Cetate ”identified cadastrally, currently in CF 130755 Braşov, coming from the paper conversion of old CF no. 31236 A + 19, top 2068/1/2 / with an area of ​​5,002 sqm, is the property of the Municipality of Braşov, in the public domain, being of good interest and public use “.

In a Facebook post from 2018, Brașov City Hall quoted one of the case’s lawyers, who said: “it’s as if the owner of the Louvre cafe suddenly became the owner of the entire castle.”

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