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The mayor of Moieciu, Brașov County, reached the center of a scandal, after he was filmed while telling him “Bad” for a woman who had taken care of him for what her area looked like after yesterday’s heavy rain.

The woman posted the video on Facebook (see HERE) and it was taken over by the journalist Electra Ghiza, from PRO TV. The video can also be found in the adjacent gallery.

“Hello, Mr. Mayor! Are you going to do something with us or …?! “, Was the question that infuriated the mayor who was inspecting the town, after the flood. After a short exchange of remarks, the insult came.

After the discussion was made public, the PNL mayor, Manea Ioniță Mircea, came up with explanations – also on Facebook – and maintained his opinion on the woman, considering that she was right.

We reproduce the mayor’s post:
„ÎIn the afternoon of July 29, Moieciu Commune faced a rare meteorological phenomenon, an extremely strong storm, announced to our citizens, including through the RO Alert system. The volume of rainfall destroyed many communal roads and created major problems in some households. The night that followed was a white night for many of us. I’ve coordinated
personally all field activities. On the morning of July 30, I drove over to the Zbarcioara road. Here I was greeted by a «Ms» who asked me if I was doing something for «No», although in front of me was only the dance. The question was generic and obviously malicious. How to ask this question to a man you see in the mud up to his neck and who did, as mayor, in 4 years for the commune as others have not done in many.
A question asked «cool» he could only get a proper answer. If you don’t see what I’ve done to people so far, it means you’re blind or stupid. And my opinion is like «Ms» is not part of the first category. Beyond being mayor, I also remain a simple citizen. And I have the right to personal opinions. I maintain my opinion. If «Ms» she wanted to make public a personal and private dialogue, so that other citizens of the commune know my opinion, it is exclusively her problem. And nothing more on this subject.
I left. I am busy!!!”.

We remind you that several streets and households were flooded yesterday in the Bran – Moieciu area, during a storm. For more information, SEE ALSO: Update. BRAȘOV. Roads and households affected by floods, in the Bran – Moieciu area! Electricity pole, struck by lightning (PHOTO – VIDEO).
There were also problems this evening, when hail fell in the area (see also: Update. BRAȘOV. Flood in Zărnești, during the Orange Code issued by ANM


BRAȘOV will “melt” even on the weekend! ORANGE CODE immediately by the STORM!

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