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A 22-year-old Romanian woman had the most followed video on Instagram for four days.

A 22-year-old Romanian woman from Brașov set a record on Instagram, with a video that was four days in a row, the most watched in the world, PRO TV reports. The young woman’s video has 15 seconds and garnered over 92 million views on Instagram. The author’s name is Lorena Șerban, and on the social network she is followed by 300,000 people. In the video posted on Instagram, Lorena dances and used an effect that creates the feeling that she is in a northern lights. The video was posted in the “reels” section of Instagram. The young woman confessed that she did not expect such a success.

“I can not believe it! Sometimes I sit and open the phone and I look and blink, so that someone can pinch me if what is happening is real, ”said Lorena Șerban.

Before the Romanian woman’s video garnered 92 million views, the most followed video on Instagram belonged to the American Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s half-sister. She had amassed 77 million views with a video showing the first three years of her daughter’s life. Lorena Serban dethroned her. On Monday, however, the woman from Brașov was overtaken by an Australian woman.

“What Lorena did seems very interesting to me, because she took the trend further and applied her talent as a content creator. Social media algorithms work a lot after the effect of the snowball. They push your creation to your followers, and they, if they like, comment, Instagram thinks that material is an effect and starts to push it to many people “, said Alexander Stoica, marketing specialist.

Instagram posts bring content creators not only fame but also money. In Romania, the most sought after content creators ask for a post over 1,000 euros, others even more.

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