An explosion broke out inside the Tohan Technical Plant this evening.

UPDATE. According to the spokesman of ISU Braşov, Dan Colniceanu, there are still gases in the area resulting from the explosion and the fire that broke out later, the citizens will be alerted through the RO-ALERT service if there will be dangers.

“There are still gases resulting from the explosion and from the burns. There are still materials that can burn, but being colleagues on the spot and arriving quickly, we are there to monitor the area and work is done to cool the warehouse spaces. Zărneşti residents are guided to carry out their normal activities and we are with the forces activated to the maximum, with additional forces, called from free time. We will monitor the situation and when we have information that there are problems, we will issue RO-ALERT messages “, the representative specified ISU Brasov, according to Agerpres.

UPDATE. The third victim fled the scene and was identified by authorities.

Around 20:50 ISU Brașov was announced the occurrence of an explosion at the Tohan Mechanical Plant, in Zărnești, Brașov County .. On the spot, firefighters intervene with 4 trucks with water and foam, a 10,000 liter tanker, 2 crews first aid, a CBRN chemical research crew and a pyrotechnic crew.

So far, a dead victim has been found inside the factory. There are also two people intoxicated with smoke. Voluntary services for emergencies Râșnov, Bran, Cristian and Vulcan were also alerted, writes Mediafax.

“It is a private fireworks warehouse located inside the Tohani Factory. It lit up this afternoon and the result can be seen. Unfortunately, it would be about a charred victim and 2 victims who presented scratches, intoxications, but they are out of any danger “, said Alexandru Igrișan, the mayor of Zărnești, at Digi24.

Arms factory investigation

The prefect of Brașov county, Mihai Cătălin Văsîi declared, at Aleph News, that investigations will follow, because the warehouse is located near the armament factory, Mediafax writes.

“Unfortunately we have a victim who died, we have an intoxicated person, but who, at the first assessment, is out of any danger and there is another person to be identified. There were three people in that warehouse, “said the prefect.

At the time of the explosion, there was no activity in the fireworks store, otherwise the balance of the explosion could have been much higher. Prefect Vasii also said that the place where the explosion took place was a fireworks store, and the staff had come only to prepare the delivery of those fireworks, which were for Thursday morning. Asked why there was a fireworks store near the weapons factory, the prefect Mihai Cătălin Vasîi said that this will have to be analyzed and investigated.

“We will see what the matter is, if they had authorization. It will be an investigation and it is dynamic “, the prefect also said.

The fire did not affect the weapons factory located near the hall where the explosion took place.

Firefighters are still on the scene and provide the area to prevent outbreaks.

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