The train traffic between Ilva Mare – Măgura Ilvei / Iaşi stations and on the railway segment Deda – Deda Bistra – Răstoliţa – Lunca Bradului was temporarily stopped, due to the fallen trees on the railway, CFR SA informed on Saturday evening.

In order to ensure the continuity of the railway traffic in the affected areas, Diesel locomotives were also sent, which will double the trains, in case the electricity supply system cannot be re-energized. CFR SA apologizes to the passengers for the inconvenience created, assuring them at the same time that the company’s intervention teams make every effort to remedy, as soon as possible, any disturbance registered on the railway, so that the train traffic resumes. in optimal traffic conditions “, specify the representatives of CFR SA.

AREAS where train traffic has been AFFECTED

In the Iasi district, storms affected rail traffic.saturday evening. Trains stop at stations due to fallen trees on the railway.

CFR announced that the train traffic between Ilva Mare – Măgura Ilvei stations is temporarily stopped, on Saturday evening, due to the fallen trees on the railway.

The IR 1765 train stopped at Lunca Ilvei station. The National Railway Company CFR SA later transmitted that at 22.21 the section Ilva Mare – Măgura Ilvei railway reopened, the train IR 1765 resumed its traffic, reaching its destination with a delay of 80 minutes.

Within the Bucharest Regional Railway, between the Zăvestreni – Videle stations, on the first line, there are fallen trees. In this area, the trains do not stop, they are withdrawn to run on line II, according to the CFR announcement.

The railway traffic between Deda – Deda Bistra – Răstolița – Lunca Bradului, from Brașov county, it is temporarily stopped on Saturday night due to fallen trees on the railway. Thus, the train 367-2 that transits the Deda – Deda Bistra station interval will be withdrawn in Deda station. Two passenger trains (IR 1944 and R 4146) were temporarily stopped at Râpa de Jos and Sieu stations.

The intervention teams of SRCF Braşov will act with two pantograph trolleys, guided from Deda and Răstoliţa stations, respectively, to release the gauge, check the contact line and remedy any disturbances found in the electricity supply system.

At the same time, the lack of voltage in the contact line is signaled at this time between the Deda – Monor Gledin stations (towards Cluj), a simple line, due to a fallen tree on the railway, in the area of ​​Râpa de Jos station.

In the Mures County, the unfavorable weather led, also on Saturday evening, to the stopping of a passenger train, in the Topliţa-Deda Gorge.

Following the fall of two trees on the power lines within the locality of Andreneasa, at the moment there is a passenger train stopped near the locality of Andreneasa, ISU Mureș announced.

Two other passenger trains (IR 1944 and R 4146) were temporarily stopped at Râpa de Jos and Sieu stations, to ensure the intervention of the pantograph trolley.

At 22:26, ​​the traffic on the CF Deda – Monor Gledin section resumed.

And in Cluj County, the train traffic between Iclod and Bonțida stations is made with Diesel traction, on the second wire, after a poplar collapsed in the gauge of the track, broke the high voltage line and the support pole of the contact wire, corresponding to the first traffic wire. Due to these damages, registered to the power supply system, four passenger trains (IR 15836, R 4095, R 4010 and IR 1831) that will transit the area, will run with Diesel traction, so as to ensure continuity in rail traffic.

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