What is the difference between the situation this summer and what is happening in Romania today?

Most of the time, I avoid the news televisions because they have this policy of the Apocalypse and they present distorted and exaggerated any news. This time, however, they really don’t need to exaggerate. The feeling is that two camps have been formed in several parts of society. Until now, they were private versus budgetary. Now we have received a gift and vaccinated against unvaccinated and more importantly, politicians versus the rest of the population.

If in the “fight” vaccinated against unvaccinated, everyone assumes and is responsible for what they have chosen, in terms of politicians versus the rest of the population, things are different.

In the summer, Romania was probably in the best situation in its history. With a stable government that promised unprecedented things in post-revolutionary history, a recovering economy, the almost non-existent Covid incidence rate and a plan that included total investments for the next years of over 50 billion euros. Everything seemed so good and beautiful in the near and distant future. New, dedicated, professional people who promised that we would live in times like never before.

No one foresaw this plague.

Of all the things for this summer, the dust was chosen! Today we are in the middle of the perfect storm! New, dedicated, professional people, chosen by beautiful people… proved both their greed for power and indifference to those who chose them. To all! Whether they voted for them or not. Worn by the euphoria “that’s in jail” “we’re in power” “no one takes us down” they dug their pit deep and jumped into it, one by one. No one was found (NO ONE!!!) to warn them that they are going down. They didn’t go down! They collapsed!

There were signs all the time. From the fires in hospitals that have continued to the quarrels over health. From the low vaccination rate to the energy prices that have been rising in the markets since January 2021. From “nothing” done in many mayoralties (including in Bucharest – or especially in Bucharest) to nothing done in Parliament. Unfortunately, however, they preferred to see only “achievements” and continued the policy of “blaming the past”. So today we check record after record both in infected patients, in patients in Intensive Care or deceased but also in prices for gas or electricity or interest at banks.

My feeling is that they have actually abandoned us!

They are so set on the struggle for power that they are no longer interested in anything that is happening around them. The dust of everything and everything can be chosen, Romania can burn. It matters who leads the party, the Government, Romania. Even if after we draw the line and pass this period, they will have almost nothing to drive.

In the real world, in the world in which we live, those who do not lead parties, governments, mayors or counties, things are seen differently. It doesn’t even matter who runs the country now. All that matters is to be so good as to get through this awful time. Socially, politically, economically we collapse and we begin to feel each component more and more. To access prices in different places only on the basis of a QR code. Not to mention those who are in hospitals or have a loved one in hospitals.

If the old ones have disappointed us for years with unfulfilled promises, the current ones have always been seen as the ones who will save us and break us from the past. That is why the disappointment is so great. It turns out every day that not only are they not professionals but they are not even well-intentioned and the difference between them and the others exists only at the level of statements. Not even there because they started behaving just as uncivilized.

Where to? What should we do?

I think the best solution now is to turn to ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s put them at the center of our universe and completely ignore what politicians tell us or promise. My personal confidence in everything related to the political class is not zero… it is minus 1. And I wish that, at least politically, those who kicked a chance as good as the one I had, to answer ! We need to support ourselves, our loved ones or those close to us to get through this period. More than beds in the hospital, in the hallways there, they will not do. We have to do our best. And after it passes we should hold them accountable! To everyone. From mayor to president!

Although 99.9% of us will not do anything to them, they will still drive and even have the audacity to tell us how well they did to us when it was hard…


We rarely publish articles about politics and it is not at all what we know how to do. We don’t even want to know politics. But this state of perpetual crisis, which deepens daily, leaves everyone without business. Including us. Even worse, it brings death to many homes. We cannot ignore the fact that we are, like many others, affected by what is happening. That’s why I wrote this article. We did not imagine that Nor-ma-la would have any effect in Romania, but it was more of a burst of frustrations accumulated over time. We wish you all strength and wisdom to get through these times and especially good health! So we can fix what they’re doing …

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