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Until the turbulent waters around General Prosecutor Alexandru Stoianoglo, detained for 72 hours, clear up, let’s take a look at other events, less spectacular, but no less important for the future of the Republic of Moldova.

Our assumption that the visit to Chisinau of German President Frank-Valter Steinmeier also had a discreet purpose, related to the Transnistrian settlement, is beginning to be confirmed, writes Nicolae Negru in an editorial for National Newspaper.

Three days after Steinmeier left, Robin Dunnigan, the assistant secretary of the US secretary of state responsible for US policy in Central and Eastern Europe, arrived in Chisinau. Like Steinmeier, she met not only with Maia Sandu and Natalia Gavrilița, but also with the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Vladislav Kulminski.

The day after Robin Dunnigan’s visit, Ann Linde, the current chairman of the OSCE, the Swedish foreign minister, appeared and spoke with Maia Sandu, Nicu Popescu and Vladislav Kulminski, and walked along the banks of the Dniester. in Tighina, together with the separatist leader, Vadim Krasnoselski.

She had not yet left when the Government announced the composition of the delegation, led by Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Kulminsky, who was to go to Moscow the next day, on October 7, to meet with Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko and the Deputy Presidential Administration. Dmitri Kozak. The delegation included Cristina Gherasimov, presidential adviser in the field of foreign policy, and Vladimir Cuc, secretary of state within the MFAEI. “The parties discussed the current state and prospects of the negotiation process on the Transnistrian settlement,” the MID statement said yesterday.

Should the timing of the arrival of representatives of Germany, the USA, the OSCE in Chisinau be coincidental? It’s hard to believe. The diplomat (or diplomats?) Who anonymously edits the Telegram page “Behind the Scenes of Diplomacy”, considers that the mentioned visits “remind us of the summer of 2019”, when the “regime change” took place in Chisinau (Plahotniuc fled), set up by “High Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn, US State Department Representative Brad Freden, and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, the Kremlin leader’s special representative for developing trade and economic relations with Moldova.”

Indeed, if we assume that Johannes Hahn represented Berlin rather than Brussels, we can think of a new “international consensus” (the expression belongs to Steinmeir) regarding the fate of the Republic of Moldova. Until Steinmeier, on August 11, Kozak visited us. He actually opened the “season” of talks on the Transnistrian conflict, saying it was an internal conflict in which Russia would not be involved in any way. And Kozak closes it. The results of his meeting with the Kulminski-led delegation are unknown at this time. Let’s hope that the negotiations with Gazprom do not influence those related to the Transnistrian solution.

Did Moscow and Berlin, with Washington’s agreement, agree to do us any good? Is something being prepared for us? What does Ukraine, the third mediator of the conflict, say about these plans, along with Russia and the OSCE. The “Transnistrian model” will also apply to her.

“The meetings in Chisinau and Bender (Tighina – no.) Strengthened my conviction that it is possible to achieve tangible results in the Transnistrian settlement process, if the parties continue to have a constructive approach,” Ann Linde said before leaving. , the OSCE Chairman-in-Office. Do we understand that the separatist leader has a “constructive approach”? Is he the one who opened 27 polling stations for the parliamentary elections in Russia, but forbids access beyond the Dniester for politicians in Chisinau? Or is he the one who is harassing Romanian-language schools, who arrested veteran Dorel Roșca the other day or who is ready to ask Putin for recognition of independence?

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