Memento Group, the owner of Christian Tour, the Romanian tour operator number 1 in terms of sales volume, will operate in Romania the TUI Travel Center brand, belonging to TUI Group.

The TUI franchise will be present in our country under the TUI Travel Center brand, which will have its own offices. This headquarters will operate in parallel with the Christian Tour agencies, will benefit from a dedicated site, its own sales and management team.

TUI Group, the world’s largest tourism group, will open dozens of agencies across the country. Tourists will have access to the products from the German tour operator’s portfolio.

“The initial investment is over 1.5 million euros in the first year of operation and over 5 million euros in the next five years. In the first year of operation, 15 TUI Travel Center agencies will be opened, covering 13 of the country’s largest cities. All offices will operate under the TUI Travel Center brand and will benefit from a central positioning in cities “, says Cristian Pandel, CEO of Memento Group.

TUI Group, the largest tourism group in the world, operates in approximately 180 destinations worldwide. The group brings together over 380 premium hotels, 1,600 travel agencies across Europe.

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