The official inauguration of the ohma Brașov hotel academy, founded by the Swiss educational group winsedswiss (World Institute of Service Education), under the license of the prestigious Swiss institution École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) took place in the presence of the Swiss Confederation Ambassador to Romania, ES Arthur Mattli.

He stated that “the opening of a hotel is something special, but the opening of a hotel management school such as the one we have today in Brașov is something very special. Congratulations winsedswiss for this success. In a very short time, in difficult conditions, you did the impossible. Undoubtedly, this hotel school will significantly contribute to the development of the hotel industry and tourism in Brasov. The licensing system of the oldest and one of the best hotel schools in the world, the Laussane School of Hotel Management, is a guarantee for a high quality education in Poiana Brașov ”.

Ohma courses in Brașov will start with the professional training program “Hotel Administration”, the module “Beginner”, and students will be able to deepen, through practice, theoretical knowledge, respecting the principles of the dual education system on the Swiss model. The school will operate within the ohma hotel – former Viorel House – in Poiana Brașov, a unit taken over by winsedswiss.

“We chose an emblematic hotel, with tradition and potential, to host our students, because we want to combine tradition with modernity, to restore the dual education system and, at the same time, to invigorate and professionalize the hospitable spirit of Romanians. For this reason, we will choose the students of the academy based on two fundamental criteria: passion and common sense. We will manage this hotel with the support of our experts who are, at the same time, instructors in the ohma academy, EHL certified. Thus, we provide a value chain, from student to guest. We fulfill a dual function: to educate and reposition dual vocational vocational education. A good job, recognized by an international certificate or diploma, gives students the freedom to choose their job, from graduation or even during school, “said Ray Iunius, general manager of the winsedswiss group.

Certified graduation of certificates École hôtelière de Lausanne

Within the ohma academies, vocational programs can be completed that ensure the qualification and specialization of students in four professional fields – Culinary, Food Services, Reception and Accommodation, Hotel Administration – to obtain the Professional Diploma it is necessary to go through three independent modules, six each each month, corresponding to the stage of preparation and experience of each candidate – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – whose graduation is attested by VET certificates by EHL (Vocational Education and Training by École hôtelière de Lausanne). People who already have experience in the field of interest can enroll directly in the intermediate or advanced level modules, without going through the one for beginners, by equating the experience gained.

The students and graduates of the academy are advised and supported in the identification of internships and jobs in industry, corresponding to their training, both in the country and abroad, by specialists in recruitment and placement of staff, through the mediation agency on the labor market. work talent by winsedswiss.

In addition, those who want to continue their university studies at the École hôtelière de Lausanne, after graduating from the ohma courses, will be equivalent to the compulsory preparatory year for the EHL university program, which will enter directly into the selection process.

Within the academy, the courses are held in English, therefore it is necessary for students to have at least a conversational B2 level. In September 2020, winsedswiss inaugurated in Oradea the first academy in Romania under the auspices of the École hôtelière de Lausanne – ohma by winsedswiss – whose graduates are currently doing internships in WEG partner locations, in the country and abroad.

École hôtelière de Lausanne has been a pioneer in hospital education since 1893, with over 25,000 graduates worldwide.

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