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A climbing firefighter from Brașov sued ISU and won.

A former mountaineer firefighter within the Brașov County Inspectorate for Emergency Situations sued the institution for the improper working conditions in which he worked and for several abuses, he writes Adevă

“I made the decision to sue the institution because I was the victim of repeated abuses, as I wanted to defend some fundamental rights. We have noticed several times the improper conditions in which we carry out our activity. We have made several official requests in this regard, but nothing has been resolved. Moreover, for this I was sent to the 2nd Detachment, without the position of climber, which I won through a competition. I filed an appeal and obviously I was brought back to Detachment 1. But the abuses did not stop and that is why I decided to sue them. I have seen death with my own eyes so many times through the interventions I took part in and I consider that I at least deserve to be respected! ”, Declared the military mountaineer firefighter.

Valentin Ciolan says that he saw his death with his own eyes several times during the interventions he had. The court ruled in his favor and ordered ISU Brașov to pay damages of 20,000 lei. Because this did not happen until July 2, 2021, as was the deadline specified by the court, the forced execution began, according to România TV.

The climber says that it is not about money, but about honor, which was violated by the institution.

In Constanța, a firefighter was sued by the institution

Although he was expelled from ISU Constanța, and the order was subsequently definitively annulled by a court, a firefighter found himself sued by the institution for the recovery of the amounts he received as aid at the time he was expelled. , conform

The case started in the Constanta District Court in 2016, when ISU addressed the judges to recover the amounts paid to the firefighter in 2012 as financial aid, following the dismissal. The amount amounts to the total value of 6,564 lei, being collected between January and December 2012.

Only in November 2019, the judges of the Constanţa Court of Appeal pronounced the final decision in question. The magistrates of the appellate court ruled in favor of the firefighter, in the sense that they admitted the exception of prescribing the right of action of ISU and rejected the ISU’s request to pay the fireman, as being prescribed.

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