The old mocanita is living a new youth…

In the dream above… (from above or below ??) no no! Sure up! So… in the Dream above you can find shepherd. You find it quite difficult because it hides down some pretty old streets (they were paved about two months ago). Behind a concrete fence you come across it. Everyone knows her as a young lady, but her age is venerable! Arranged as in the good times, she is waiting for you, snorting and snorting well with the green wagons, open… with the wooden benches… just to start the road with her.

You pay a “lion pass” for yourself, you give another 35 for the baby and the tree you huddle in the wagon. Then even before leaving you start to feel like in the old empire being part of the aristocracy! The controllers are behaving with you as if you were a great gentleman from Vienna who came to visit the eastern provinces. anxious if you somehow break it on a mountain road how do you get home? Motata catches the speed quickly and a cart with oxen would not stay after it too long… But take it out to smoke !!

Mocănita din Vişeu

Mocănita din Vişeu

And slowly the catinel comes out of the inhabited ones and… you run out of signal on your mobile and you won’t know anything about what will happen in the world (not that it would matter anymore). Dear Mocanita, sneaking through the valleys, by the rivers, by the dusty roads and in the whirlwind of that unnatural speed, you can take snapshots with those invented madnesses that capture the moments in a box. Now what are you arguing about that it takes about two and a half hours to get to the clearing where you have to go down? That’s her charm, isn’t it? Arriving in the valley about 20 km from where she left, she also walks, while you sit and take your breath away after the terrible journey in the valley blessed by nature… you can eat there what your hosts give you or what you carry in your bag of mountains, forests, next to the clear water in the silence of the places not yet touched by the city man… It is clear that the world has heard of Mocanita and you are accompanied in your walk by travelers who speak foreign languages ​​but laugh and enjoy like you about what they live in Romanian… And if you know at least one country about their words maybe you should tell them that not only in Mocanita it would be worth passing and that there are places at least as beautiful in others parts through the Romanian countries. To go and see, to go and enjoy and take their joy home for theirs (I think millions of pictures are taken in that area anyway).

Mocănita din Vişeu

Mocănita din Vişeu And after you get tired of your stomach and cramps and your heart and you start to crowd into those little devices to steal images from your life and you shoot yourself in immortal pictures with everything that moves around, dear Mocanita announces you smiling like a father what It’s beautiful and it has an end and it would be necessary to board a wagon. Then, on the way back, you can see and put the soul in the road, not only in the camera. After about 6 hours of walking, Mocanita announces her entry into the small train station and tells you that you are always welcome to see her again…

Mocănita din Vişeu Go and see, it’s worth every moment!

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